Ghost Recon Breakpoint game saves on Stadia have been deleted for many players

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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Update, May 31 (8:25 pm ET): Ubisoft addressed the issue and some players have had their saves restored.

What you need to know

  • Seemingly all Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Google Stadia have had their game saves wiped earlier this week.
  • Google responded in the same day as the issue was raised that support was looking into the problem, but has not updated since.
  • While Stadia players have the ability to back up their saves from the streaming gaming service, there is no way to manually recover and resume a save since everything is handled server-side.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Stadia have found that their game saves have been deleted when loading up the game this week. While it is impossible to confirm that all players have lost their data, many players have said the same had happened to them.

The issue was first brought up on Wednesday in a thread from the Stadia Community board with one player saying they logged into Ghost Recon Breakpoint and found their old profile was gone and the game had created a new profile. Other players responded to the thread and on Reddit with the same sentiment, saying that all of their progress have been wiped with some noting hundreds of hours lost. 

"Hey Stadians, we sincerely thank you for bringing this to our attention," community specialist JamesFromGoogle replied to the thread on Wednesday. "We wanted to let everyone know that we have escalated it to our higher tier of support and will post on this thread with any further updates. Hang in there Ghost Lead!"

Google has not updated their response to the issue since Wednesday and the initial thread had been marked as solved, despite no information on what affected players should do. The save wipe has seemingly affected all Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Stadia only whether purchased from the store or playing through a Ubisoft+ subscription. 

One of the key points of Stadia is that storage for games is not an issue since everything is handled by the servers. Games are streamed directly to the player, and there is nothing to download or local game saves to manage. Stadia players are able to back up their saves and other data through Google Takeout, but there is no way to upload the saves and recover their progress on the platform.

Some who have contacted Ubisoft support said they have been redirected to Stadia support or that the publisher was looking into it. We will update when more information is available or the issue has been solved.

Update, May 31 (8:25 pm ET): Ubisoft addressed the issue and some players have had their saves restored.

Ubisoft announced that Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Stadia should have their saves restored, six days after the issue was raised. Some players have reported their game progress is back to normal, while others have said that their saves are still gone.

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