Ghost Recon Breakpoint saves on Stadia reportedly working again, says Ubisoft

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What you need to know

  • Last week, Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Stadia found that their save data had gone missing and prompted players to start a new game upon loading.
  • The issue had affected most, if not all, Stadia players for this specific game.
  • Ubisoft says the issue should be resolved now, six days after the issue was raised, but anyone still experiencing lost progression should contact Ubisoft support.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Stadia can breathe a sigh of relief as publisher Ubisoft announced today that players should have their saves restored after they went missing for almost a week.

The issue had occurred last Wednesday when Stadia players had found their Ghost Recon Breakpoint game saves were gone. Hundreds of comments across Stadia's discussion board and Reddit confirmed players' characters were seemingly deleted with some noting up to hundreds of hours lost.

While Stadia players have the ability to download their game saves for back up purposes, there is no way to import saves manually as gameplay and save files are handled in the cloud. Google had replied it was looking into the issue, but had not replied further on the issue until today.

Ubisoft said in a forum post today that the game saves should be restored for players and apologized for the issue, though also noted that any players still experiencing "progression loss or an issue related to this incident" should contact Ubisoft support. Google has also updated the initial Stadia community thread today with Ubisoft's post. 

It seems the issue has not been resolved for all, according to recent comments in the community thread and in the Stadia subreddit. Some players have said that their saves have been restored, while others have said that nothing had changed. Anyone who still does not have their Ghost Recon Breakpoint save restored can open a support ticket with Ubisoft.

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