Sony Q1 2022 results see PS5 at 21.7 million consoles shipped

Ps5 Hero With Dualsense
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What you need to know

  • Sony shared its financial results for Q1 2022, detailing updated hardware and software sales for Sony Interactive Entertainment. 
  • Sony confirmed that an additional 2.4 million PS5 consoles were sold in the quarter, bringing the console to 21.7 million PS5 units shipped worldwide so far. 
  • Software sales of first and third-party games were down slightly for the quarter. 
  • Sony is still projecting an 18 million PS5 consoles to be sold during the financial year.

Sony's latest financial results give an updated look at consoles sold so far, as well as granting insight into other factors for the PlayStation business.

According to Sony's Q1 2022 results which were shared on Friday, the PS5 has crossed 21.7 million consoles shipped worldwide, with 2.4 million consoles sold since the prior quarter. Overall, PS5 restocks remain rare, but are becoming more common as more and more players get their hands on the consoles.

PlayStation business sales for the quarter dropped 2% year-over-year, with gains in hardware offset by a decrease in software sales for first-party and third-party games. Notably, 79% of software sold for the quarter was digital, the largest split between digital and physical sales seen for Sony yet.

PlayStation Plus is currently at 47.3 million subscribers, the first update we've gotten since the service was revamped earlier in the year.

While Sony recently finalized the acquisition of Destiny 2 developer Bungie, the company noted that it has not had time to integrate Bungie's financials into this report, so sales of Destiny 2 content aren't included for this quarter. 

Looking ahead, Sony is still projecting 18 million consoles sold in this financial year. It's also looking to publish a couple of major games, with The Last of Us Part 1 and God of War Ragnarok in September and November 2022, respectively. Sony is also launching PC versions of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales in August and Fall 2022, respectively. 

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