This controller changed the way I view Android gaming — and it's half off for Prime Day

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I'm fairly vocal about how much I prefer controllers to touch screen controls when it comes to playing games on my phone. I never even used to like playing mobile games until I realized most of my favorites were compatible with controllers. If you're in the same boat, you'll be happy to hear that the controller that changed the way I view mobile gaming is on sale for Prime Day. 

While Razer has since upgraded its Kishi model with the Razer Kishi V2, I still think that the original Razer Kishi is an excellent Android gaming option. Instead of shelling out $100 for it like it would usually cost, you can get away with spending just half of that today. This last-minute Prime Day deal has dropped the Kishi down to just $50 on Amazon

Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox):$100$50 at Amazon

Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox): <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$100 $50 at Amazon

I never thought I'd like gaming on an Android phone, but the Razer Kishi proved me wrong. Instead of struggling with touch controls I get the best experience possible with physical triggers, thumbsticks, and face buttons. With it being half off for Prime Day, this is practically a steal.

In my review of the Razer Kishi I called it a must-have mobile gaming accessory for good reason. Not only was it comfortable to hold for long periods of time and its USB-C connector ensures that there's zero input lag. All-in-all, I found the build to be excellent, even if the design prohibited it from fitting a wide variety of phones. 

I only wish it had some sort of textured grips like the Nacon MG-X Pro of Gamesir X3 though, but that's a minor gripe when I really think about it. Coincidentally, the X3's older sibling, the Gamesir X2, also received a discount for Prime Day, dropping it down to $56 on Amazon

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