iPhone's popular Backbone One mobile controller is getting an Android model

Backbone One Android controller
(Image credit: Backbone)

What you need to know

  • The Backbone One is a popular mobile gaming controller that was previously designed specifically for iPhone.
  • The company now appears to be making an Android version with a USB-C connection.
  • Those who purchase it will receive a three month trial of Discord Nitro, two months of Stadia Pro, and one month of Xbox Game Pass. 
  • Preorders are now live and it is expected to ship in November 2022.

It looks like Backbone is finally making an Android model of its excellent Backbone One mobile controller for iPhone. Though the company hasn't officially announced it yet, its store page has gone live through Backbone's website. 

The store's official listing (via Chrome Unboxed) reveals that the controller is now up for preorder priced at $100. It is expected to ship in November 2022, and those who purchase it will also get three months of Discord Nitro, two months of Stadia Pro, and one month of Xbox Game Pass to try out. 

The Backbone One for Android features a low-latency USB-C connection with pass-through charging, a 3.5mm jack for headsets, and a dedicated button for screenshots and game clips. Its specs note that it can reach 10.14 inches when fully extended. Though it doesn't have a list of compatible phones at the moment, it's safe to assume that newer devices that fit within its length will be compatible. 

Because it uses pass-through charging, it doesn't feature an internal battery. The Backbone One instead draws power from your phone, meaning it will last as long as your phone allows it to. 

With so many amazing Android controllers on the market from brands like Razer, Nacon, and Gamesir, it was only a matter of time before Backbone entered the fold. It's iPhone variant offers the same perks with an additional one-month free trial of Apple Arcade for iOS users to take advantage of.

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