How to voice chat in Apex Legends Mobile on Android

Apex Legends Mobile squad
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Though Apex Legends Mobile can be played solo, a big change from its console and PC counterpart, it's best played in groups of two or three. If you want to team up with friends or maybe even play with some strangers, you'll want to be able to communicate with your team. Apex Legends Mobile offers a pretty simple chat feature so that you can coordinate with each other and hopefully secure that victory.

Apex Legends Mobile gives you the option of using the built-in mic on your phone, but it's probably better to grab a mobile headset for the best audio experience possible. There are plenty of wireless and wired options depending on your preferences. 

How to voice chat in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Go to Settings in the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Select Graphics and Audio.

3. Scroll down to voice-over and toggle whether you want to use your phone's built-in mic

Apex Legends Mobile voice chat

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4. Go to enter a match.

5. In the character select screen, tap the microphone symbol in the lower left.

Apex Legends Mobile voice chat

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6. Select whether you want to mute yourself, talk to your squad, or broadcast to the entire match. 

Apex Legends Mobile voice chat

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If you miss out on the mic prompts during the set up screen, you can still enable or change them during matches as well. You'll just want to tap the mic symbol next to the map in the upper left of the screen and select what you want to do.

How to send voice messages in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Tap the bottom left of the screen where it says "Tap to enter chat."

2. Select which friends you'd like to send a message to. 

3. Hold the microphone icon next to the text bar and record your message. 

Apex Legends Mobile voice chat

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4. To cancel the message, swipe up and release. 

Play with friends

Apex Legends Mobile's playerbase will continue to grow as the seasons go on, so even if you can't link up with some friends you'll almost always be able to find a group to play with. Keep in mind that Respawn is set to support Apex Legends Mobile with separate seasons and a different update cadence than Apex Legends. 

In our time with it, we found to be a surprisingly competent mobile version of the popular battle royale, with the option to play in first or third-person and main a new mobile exclusive Legend, Fade. 

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