Galaxy S3 spotted in Samsung Kies software

The latest appearance -- if you can call it that -- of Samsung's next Galaxy phone seems to give further weight to the possibility that it'll be called the "Samsung Galaxy S3". The name has appeared today in Samsung's Kies PC software, which is used for synchronizing personal media to Samsung smartphones and tablets. The entry is found in a very specific place -- you'll need to go to "Samsung Apps", select "France" as your region and then track it down in the list of phones that appears.

There appear to be two variants of the device -- GT-i9300 (which we're already familiar with) and GT-i9300T. Unfortunately, though, there's no way of telling what separates the two devices at this stage. Also, don't get too excited about the tiny thumbnail image up there, it's just a Galaxy Note (compare it to the Note image directly below).

So it's looking increasingly likely that "Galaxy S3" is indeed the name. But however things play out at the May 3 announcement event, we'll be there to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, you can chat it up in the Galaxy S3 forums.

via SamMobile

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  • i9300/i9300t - could be the difference in model from GSM to CDMA for example, or if (one of the bazillion) rumors hold true - could be for a 32gb/16gb model. Slacker
  • Well, when i9000 came out, i9000T was the Galaxy S version with 850Mhz Modem for 3G and 3.5G, sold mainly in Latin America. It is also my current phone (wainting for S3!!)
  • Galaxy S3 to have 5.3" screen and s-pen CONFIRMED!!!
  • I don't think that would sell well to the average person.
  • Agreed. If I wanted to carry my tablet in my pocket, I would...
  • Not to me at least.
  • TIL: No matter how ridiculous a comment is, someone will take it seriously.
  • Pretty hard to see much unless the resolution is a lot higher and it can be blown up. Very square corners though which isn't to my liking. I like the galaxy nexus look more.
  • There's no image of the Galaxy S3 in this article ...
  • Guys, read the article. The image is a Galaxy Note. :)
  • Sorry, I failed...
  • *facepalm*
  • samsung has done a good job keeping it under wraps. damn it i wanna see it already. i bet theres gonna be an official leak before its announced there always is.
  • I know this is kinda sad, but I took the day (May 3) off of work, just so I can watch the announcement.
  • So the i9300 model is indeed GS3, not Galaxy M nor M Project.
    Which means the GS3 specs from the leak video of that Vietnamese blog are 90% confirmed.
    Now my hope for an Exynos 5250 is gone.
    Let's see what the design will look like.
  • How long is the average from an unveiling until these would actually be available? I am truly freaking out over this phone. :)