Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One M8

IFA 2014

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of Samsung's first metal phones, and sure to be their biggest-selling metal phone, but how does it compare to the current king of all-metal phones, the HTC One M8? We're here at IFA 2014 so we can make just that comparison. It's time for metal on metal, HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The One M8, thanks to its large dual front-facing speakers is nearly as tall as the Note 4, even though its screen is a mere 5 inches to the Note 4's 5.7-inches. Even if the two have metal in common, the designs couldn't be more different. Where the One M8 has a wrap-around metal body with smooth curves and a finish that comes in glossy brushed or sandblasted, the Note 4's metal is reserved exclusively for the band that wraps around the edge, and it brings a sharper chamfered edge that's more reminiscent of the previous-generation One M7 (or the iPhone 5s, if you like).

Even with the plastic back and glass front, the metal-banded Note 4 is a very different feel than previous Note devices. It feels decidedly premium and durable. It's not quite as solid as the all-metal HTC One M8, but it's a big difference from previous iterations.