Is the Galaxy Fit water resistant?

Galaxy Fit
Galaxy Fit (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Yes! Like many other fitness trackers in the Samsung lineup, the Galaxy Fit has a water resistance rating of 5ATM. You can enjoy carefree swimming, showering, and other basic water-related activities.

Wear with confidence

You can wear the Galaxy Fit and feel confident knowing it won't get damaged by a bit of water, whether that be unexpected rainfall, a last-minute swim session, or a quick shower. There's an activity mode for swimming, too. Once selected, the water lock mode will activate automatically and disable the touchscreen. The screen will then change so that you can view your exercise information, including intervals and strokes.

Samsung states that these trackers are built to meet military-level durability standards. In addition to being water resistant up to 50m, it's also designed to resist dust. With that in mind, there are a few precautions you'll want to be aware of when it comes to water and your Galaxy Fit. First and foremost, you should never expose your device to water that's moving with extreme force, like diving, snorkeling, or any other water sports with fast-flowing water. While it might be water resistant, it's still recommended that you dry your hands completely prior to handling the device.

Proper device maintenance

Both the water and dust-resistance features are dependent on proper maintenance and care of your device. You should always wipe your tracker dry with a clean cloth after it's been exposed to freshwater. If any other substance comes in contact with the Galaxy Fit, such as saltwater, soapy water, sunscreen, or any other chemical products, you'll want to rinse it with freshwater then wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

You should avoid dropping or disassembling the tracker as this can damage these features. Never attempt to dry the Galaxy Fit with a heating machine such as a hairdryer. On that note, don't wear it when you're inside a sauna. Remember to clean your wrist and the band after exercising or sweating. You can clean it with fresh water, wipe it with a bit of rubbing alcohol, and dry it thoroughly. After removing sunblock, lotion, or oil, you can use a soap-free detergent, then rinse and dry your device.

That's all there is to it! As long as you follow these precautions and take proper care of your Galaxy Fit, your dust and water-resistance features should remain intact and continue to perform as expected.

Courtney Lynch

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