Galaxy on Fire 2 now available for Tegra 2 Android devices

Galaxy on Fire 2 -- one of the most visually stunning games we've ever played on Android -- is now available in the Android Market and in NVIDIA's Tegra Zone app. GoF2 is a space-based saga where you're stuck working for a mining colony (not exactly of your on free will) and alternate between working for the man and blowing up bad guys for the man.

The story line's fine and all, but it's the gameplay that's stunning. An on-screen joystick controls your ships and weapons, and you're bound to fall out of your chair at least once, thanks to the completely free range of movement you get with flying through space. You really do have to experience it to believe it.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is available free in the Android Market and Tegra Zone. You'll get just the first galaxy (which you can play as much as you want) and can unlock the entire game with a $14.99 in-app purchase. Give it a whirl. Download links and more screen shots are after the break.

Phil Nickinson
  • Will certainly download it to my Asus TF, but know for a fact I'm not paying $15 for it. Thx for the heads up, AC.
  • Another reason to get the Photon when it's released. Tegra 2 optimized games. :-)
  • 530MB? Geez. Ah well. I like me some space shooters. I'll play the first Galaxy, but I won't be paying $15. I might pay $7-8, but definitely not $15.
  • Games like this on PS3 cost $50+. I dont think $15 is too much to ask. It is cheap if you think about it.
  • Dumb question alert! Do you need to have a Tegra2 equipped phone to play this or does it just make it look/run better if you do?
  • You need a Tegra 2 equipped device to play this game. Also, it appears this game is also released for the Xperia Play device.
  • Well I play Tegra Games on my Galaxy S II. So no, you dont need. Look for "Chainfire 3D"... Thats your ticket to play Tegra 2 games on other devices (Galaxy S II, Desire HD, etc).
  • Even if you have chainfire, how do you get the games from the market? Do you just find the apk's online?
  • Chainfire does that. You press one button and the Tegra games appear on the Android Market (button "fix market" I believe) Youtube "how to play tegra games on my Galaxy S II". There are a few tutorials. Its all a simple process, can be done pretty easy and fast. You need to be rooted btw. Here is a good tutorial:
  • You can only do that if you buy the Pro version. Just wish it was less than $4.27 for the pro version (although the gearhead in me does like the price).
  • If its a good game I have no problem paying $15 for it. I also like that I can play the game for free and then decide if I want to pay for it. In reality $15 isn't all that much for a good game. I remember paying Verizon $7 to $10 for crappy game on my LG Dare. I think that I paid $12 bucks for a Resident Evil game that I played once because it was impossible to control. I'm happy to give devs my money for great games. After all, if we won't pay for em, they won't make em.
  • Agreed, I would not mind pay that much if it is indeed good :)
  • I've been playing it for the past 10 minutes or so and the controls are pretty good. I might turn down the sensitivity a bit, but that's what options are for. This game has some serious promise. If the game is more fun than the training (and how could it not be really?) then I can see myself throwing down $15 for this happily.
  • I just tried the game myself but couldn't get into it.
    Its kinda like that other MMO space shooter available on the xoom/tegra devices. Probably not my thing anymore but the graphics were really fab as far as tegra 2 games have been. Right on par with Riptide. Still 15 bucks. Yikes.
  • I tried to play this on a certain samsung phone. It overheated and burst into flames. Truly, it was... a galaxy on fire
  • LMAO! Well played, sir (or ma'am).
  • Meh, I won't be supporting a company that is contributing to further fragmentation of Android. Fine if they want to release a Tegra 2 optimized version, but they should release a version for other phones. I'd have no problem with that. Instead, these clowns (FishLabs Inc)have sold out completely. First they made a version for Tegra 2 devices. But instead of releasing a version for non-Tegra devices, they instead release another version exclusive to the Xperia Play! The Xperia Play is a Snapdragon device, so obviously FishLabs took the cash from Nvidia and Sony and is leaving other phones out in the cold. I'm sure the Sensation and Evo 3D are more than capable of running the game.
  • The sensation and Evo 3D can definetly play this game with ease. In fact the adreno 220 is more powerful than tegra 2's soc gpu. That said I believe Qualcomm is working on a similiar games area and games for their own soc. I hate this fragmentation as well but if that's what it takes to get quality games then so be it. I'm not gonna support a dev that sells out.
  • meh.
  • This doesn't make sense. Games with this style of graphics play perfectly well on an iPhone 3gs and 1st gen iPad. There are TONS of games that have xbox 360 quality graphics. Look at Dead Space as a great example. Graphics are equal to or rival this ... and all running on a single core processor clocked lower than 1ghz. If those games can run perfectly well on that platform? Why do we have to have a dual core processor with 1+ ghz to play games on the same level just because we are using Android? I rock an Inspre 4G and would never get rid of it. But I definitely don't play as many games because we don't have any good games on Android like they have on iphone. This title is a great start. But requires a Tegra 2? Why?
  • Because NVIDIA needs to get LG, Samsung, Moto etc to use their chip, that means people need to want to buy a Tegra 2 phone so the big companies make money. One of the biggest reasons is exclusive games. Its all about the money. Chainfire3d is everybody's friend to play Tegra 2 games.
  • This story is misleading. It really needs to mention that it's available for the Xperia Play as well. Seriously underrated phone and deserves more attention.
  • And this is a reason why I am annoyed that Moto had to take out the Tegra 2. Although I did not know about Chainfire3D until reading these comments. Thanks guys.
  • Dont forget all the honeycomb tablets running tegra2 chips which get a lot of their market. I think tegra is winning the battle so they should just standardize the chips, who doesnt like Nvidia anyways. They make the best gpu's for computers...
  • In your opinion, I'm very happy with my AMD Radeon based cards ;)