Gadgets of the week: Microbot Push, Hiku, and more!

This week we're taking a closer look at some fun gadgets including the Microbot Push that's essentially a robot finger that can toggle your switches around the house. Making shopping more efficient and fun is the Hiku unit that scans the barcodes of your empty kitchen items and adds them to your shopping list. There's even an Android phone that doubles as a vape pen! Let's dive in for the complete lineup.

Microbot Push

This handy robot finger allows you to activate any button- or switch-controlled gadgets around your home, whether they be your desktop PC, coffee maker, a light switche, fan, or, well, just about anything. It uses a double-sided tape to securely attach to at the switch and has height-adjustment options. The device itself is a mechanical finger — it pushes to activate. You can even pair two of them to flip a traditional light switch. There are apps for Android and iOS that allow you to manage your Microbots around your home using the Proto Box (hub) over WiFi. The app even provides you with a way to automate your devices if you want certain actions done at particular times. The Indiegogo launch of the Microbot Push is set for November 9, if you want to check it out for yourself.

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Vaporcade Jupiter

It was only a matter of time before someone made a Smartphone that had a built-in vape pen — and that time is now. This is the Vaporcade Jupiter Cellular Vaporizer which runs Android 4.4, comes unlocked in 3G or 4G versions, and features a dedicated multifunction home button. The proprietary vaping app lets you know what flavors are in your arsenal and how much battery life remains. The removable attachment at the top is where you'll find the mouthpiece, atomizer, and nectar chamber. You can even connect a hookah hose if that's your thing. The 3G model starts at $299 or you can opt for the 4G Jupiter for an extra $200.

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Luma Router

WiFi routers are nothing new, but the Luma takes your connectivity to a more pervasive level. You can pre-order just a single Luma or a 3-pack if you want a solid connection throughout your entire home. When a guest attempts to connect to the network the sole Luma administrator will get a pop-up on their app that gives the ability to grant or deny that user to the network. This app also allows the admin to view the browsing history of each connected device, block certain sites, and set internet time limits for your kids. Right now Luma is offering special pricing on the unit — $99 for one or $249 for the 3-pack — and is scheduled to ship early next year.

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Not one for making grocery lists and usually end up winging it when it comes to hitting the supermarket? You're not alone, but this handy little gadget actually makes setting up your shopping lists way easier and much more fun. When you run out of milk, cereal, popcorn, or any other kitchen related item simply use the Hiku to scan the barcode before you toss out the empty packaging. If you happen to remember an item you need but don't have the box to scan, just use your voice and the Hiku will capture it. Over time you'll have an accurate list of must-haves for a quick trip through the market and be able to cross out each item as you add it to your cart. The free Hiku app is available for both Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+ devices, costing you $49.

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Ario Smart Lamp

This lamp is smart, but isn't like your traditional smart bulb that just changes colors on a spectrum wheel. The Ario uses advanced LED technology and cloud connectivity to make your overall life healthier by learning your daily patterns and adjusting its lighting to keep you alert or help you hit the hay. This light changes direction and color dynamically throughout the day to increase your focus and productivity with an energizing blue-rich light, switching it up to a sunset amber in the evening to help you relax. You can connect the Ario to your WiFi via the phone app to have manual control of the light's setting, or just let it learn how you operate. There's a lot of really interesting information on how lighting affects the mind and body over at their Kickstarter page, if you want to check it out and/or back their project.

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Brent Zaniewski