As strange as it may sound, a wearable device is a great match in many industries. Being able to see notifications while your hands are full or dirty may sound trivial, but in practice, it makes a smartwatch worth whatever other headaches are involved. Google apparently agrees, because now G Suite managers can manage Android Wear 2.0 devices.

Ausdroid reports that IT managers will be able to use Google's Mobile Management tool to remotely wipe watches (you know, for all the Privacy Act data you keep synchronized to your watch) and to force employees to use a PIN for unlocking the watch. Managers will also be able to install corporate applications on all the company's watches.

Administrators will also be able to ensure the OS and all applications running on all corporate watches will be up to date, and users will be prompted to install the Google Apps Device Policy application onto the watch when a corporate account is added to a watch. The new tools and features should be fully rolled out over the next few days.

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