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FullHDMI updated for use with non-rooted devices

Back in February we got our first look at FullHDMI, an application for your HTC EVO 4G that mirrors your phones display on a television set. Upon initial release the application was only supported on rooted devices, which did not allow for use by everyone, but the developer has updated the application as previously promised. The application, which is now found in the Android market, will work on any out of the box EVO, as well as rooted users who are on a Sense or AOSP  ROM. Be sure to head to the market and pick a copy up for yourself for only $2.99, and be sure to hop in the forums for more information.

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  • Can this method be ported to the Droid x since it no longer requires root and a new kernel
  • Haven't they fixed the sound issue in CM7 now?
  • Slightly prettier interface than HDMwIn, but doesn't support audio over HDMI on AOSP (which HDMwIn does). And not free (which HDMwIn is). I think I'll pass.
  • I've seen the spec sheet saying that the thunderbolt will have HDMI support through the micro USB adapter. Will this work with that?
  • I am new to Android with the Atrix, and so far this is one of my main problems, to see cool things being developed for Android phones, but can not be used on all devices... fragmentation. I would love to have this on my Atrix 4G.
  • The hell are you talking about? We're talking aftermarket development and you're talking about fragmentation? Go to XDA and find what can be done on YOUR device. LAzy Bum
  • @go blue boy, droidx already has a hdmi app, called "real hdmi." However, because of the hardware limitations of the device, it does not have mirroring, nor will it ever have mirroring, regardless of what app you use.
  • inb4 FullHDMI vs. HDMwIn flamewar.
  • I have both hdmi apps and can't seem to find the accelerated kernel so I can do 720p output. Can anybody give me a link. My Evo is 2.2 rooted stock sense. Any help would be get. Thanks.
  • Lookout for Netatchy's kernels on the evo forums on xda, specifically the 4.3.4 version.
  • Well im runninng cm7 rc4 and with HDMwIn. i have the free app, mirroring my whole hdmi experiance on my tv. and the audio works through the tv. So with rc4 they fixed hdmi audio.
  • HDMwin. works great,
  • To make sure there's no confusion. FullHDMI does provide audio via HDMI for both Sense AND AOSP. To the HDMwIn comments; I'm glad it works for you however there are those that have unrooted Evos.
  • HDMwin is also free. Did anyone mention that? Works better. And did I say it was free? Let's see... free vs. $3. That's a hard one.
  • HDMwin wont work with my phone since I'm not rooted, so then FullHDMI will have to do..
  • Yeah, rooting is tough. Takes a whole 15 minutes or so.
  • I can't find it..... I typed FullHDMI in GooglePlay but, it show a different app that's only for Rooted EVO's.