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Froyo for the Vibrant being updated through Samsung Mini Kies ... Good luck! (Updated with Samsung statement)

The good news -- the T-Mobile Vibrant indeed is getting its Froyo update. The bad news -- it looks like (thus far) you have to do it through Samsung's Mini Kies program. That's right, in this day and age of over-the-air updates, you have to plug your phone into a computer to update. Le sigh.

We've only been at it for an hour or so now, and Kies is still seeing our Vibrant as an "Unregistered device." Whatever that means.

You know that Froyo complacency a few of you have accused us of? It's rapidly going away. There's really no excuse for making an update this difficult. [via TMoNews]

 Anyone get this to work yet? We're all over it in this forum thread. Join us.

Update: Samsung just issued the following statement:

Samsung and T-Mobile are pleased to confirm to Samsung Vibrant customers that the Android 2.2 upgrade is now available. Please click here for an FAQ on how to download and install the upgrade.

  • Still waiting from Verizon/Samsung about my Fascinate....
  • can you still get the update if you have a rooted fascinate ?
  • When the update is released for the Fascinate, yes. Simply being rooted doesn't mean you won't get an update. The only way you wouldn't is if you made changes to the system (like removing bloatware or renaming files). If you did either of those, make sure you replace the files you removed using the backups you should have made first, or rename the files back to the way they were.
  • If you want to get rid of the bloatware while you are rooted; use Titanium Backup and freeze the apps you don't want to use. They will still be on your phone; however, your phone won't recognize them, preventing them from starting up and such. When you get the update, defrost all the apps and you're ready for the update, without having to uninstall things you might need.
  • My experience with Mini Kies was pretty awful. For some reason, J16 failed, and it never showed up on my phone. I had to use Mini Kies, it took about 4 hours. It kept not being connected to the internet so I couldn't get the update. Plugging in and unplugging and hoping and clicking. Finally, I got lucky and it stayed connected enough to get the update. Its such a terrible program.
  • Getting Kies to recognize my Cappy is hit or miss. Best of luck, guys!!!
  • If you get unregistered device problem... try this method:
  • I had 2 of these and sold them with the update months ago samsung phones suck and I will never have another.
  • This is why I only buy Samsung TV's...other than that they are horrible at support.
  • It's been a while since I had my Captivate, but doesn't Kies not work with Macs? I'd be pretty furious if I had to track down someone with a Windows computer to update my phone.
  • No support for updating with Macs *or* Linux. Great job Samsung!!!
  • You can get the Mini Kies on your Mac - I did the same thing, only when I plug in my phone it says that my device is not supported with Kies mini.
    Between TMobile & Samsung, I'm probably just going to get the iPhone with Verizon this year.
  • Im restoring back to J16. Im going to try it. wish me luck. Im just curious about it.
    If I dont return in an hour, just wait longer
  • Doesn't like me, it gets part way through, disconnects the phone and say OOPS. Piece of crap. Screw it, ill wait for a wifi calling app to get pulled from it. back to Nero
  • oooooo
  • Sucks to own a Samsung... unless you're a forum geek you won't be getting this update. The average Joe will be stuck with 2.1 and they probably don't know enough to care.
  • I got it to detect mine but said I didn't have enough battery. needs a full charge.
  • Redonkulous. No way I am getting a Samsung phone. hTC again, probably.
  • Just live your life and flash the zip that will inevitably be posted on xda tomorrow.
  • Man I love my samsung tv...But I will Never buy a samsung mobile ANYTHING! My girl has the vibrant everyday she yells at me cause I convinced her to get it and it's locking freezing GPS sux & it's her second one. She loved the leap from BB 2 android now although she doesn't blame the OS in her opinion SmartPhones are overhyped based on how expensive they are and how bad hers is. It's sad it's really been a NIGHTMARE 4 her. It started off so well. She's been asking me 4 months when can her phone do stuff my evo can, AKA Froyo now I'm reading about this Mini Kies Crap smh
  • Not available in kies, yet been checking all day! Its now 3:47pm Central Standard time
  • I 4;04 Chicago time i have downloaded it
  • this is the link to download kies sent to me by t mobile its actually pretty easy once you talk to the android customer service i had to go through about 5 different people to actually get this link. i got the unregistered device as well until i deleted the old mini kies and downloaded this one hopefully this will help my fellow vibrant users out there.
  • I flashed back to JFD via Odin and then plugged in to Kies, you should have your SD card removed for Kies to work best and set your phone USB settings to ask on connection and choose Kies when it comes up. You also HAVE to be on TouchWiz for Kies to work, so disable any launchers you may have installed. I was able to go straight from JFD to KA6 with no problems.
  • Here is the solution to your "Device Not recognized" problem..PLEASE POST THIS IN YOUR ARTICLE... In order for kies-mini to see the device USB DEBUGGING MUST BE ENABLED. You must have the USB settings set to "ask on connection"...then exit that screen, enable debugging, power on KIES-MINI..when it says connect phone, CONNECT PHONE. It will read the phone and tell you the update is available..However on your device you will NOT see the usual KIES screen saying connected..Please allow device a few minutes to load binary files and it will auto-change to Download mode and complete the update its self. All done...Please let phone sit for 20 minutes (THIS IS A MUST) after upgrade as the phone is still setting up binary coding and programming. After that reboot again and allow 5 minutes again (AGAIN THIS IS A MUST). After that you are set to go. ENJOY FROYO ON YOUR VIBRANT!
  • This seems like a bit much, honestly.
  • Just successfully updated. Used this version of KIES Mini, and installed it without uninstalling normal KIES. (Click the "Software" tab below) I didn't have any problems with the "device unrecognized" error. I plugged my phone in and hit "Samsung KIES" when the USB connection options popped up. From there it downloaded and installed Froyo. Seems to be working great.
  • I may have been lied to, but.... thus far it is my understanding that the MTP USB Device Driver Error message is a result of compatibility. In short, I've been told BY Samsung that software and driver downloads are NOT compatible with windows 64 bit OS. Only with 32 bit. I was able to install the KIES PC and Mini KIES on my PC, but when attempting to connect to either application received the MTP error. WTF? So much for pushing the boundries of technology. Shouldn't we be moving forward and progressing not remaining indolent? None the less, as an immediate fix; found out you can go to your wireless provider retail location (authorized dealer) and they can install the 2.2 upgrade in store. Takes approx. 15-20 min. and it does not eradicate any internal or sd data nor customized settings currently existing. **Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
  • >"The bad news -- it looks like (thus far) you have to do it through Samsung's Mini Kies program. That's right, in this day and age of over-the-air updates, you have to plug your phone into a computer to update. Le sigh." It is worse than that. You don't have to plug your phone into a "computer", you have to plug your phone into an MS-WINDOWS ONLY computer. I don't think Linux and Mac users are going to be at all happy about that. Why the hell is it so beyond some carriers/manufacturers to allow a simple download of an update file and copy it to the SD card and reboot. Is that so difficult? It requires NO software.
  • I am usually ignorant to computer updates and what not. But, the link below, if it works, made it easy as pie for me. It took a total of 15 minutes, including the reading. And, Frozen Yogurt is mine at last!!! Good Luck
  • And exactly how easy is that when you are running a Mac or Linux computer?
  • Updated flawlessly. It only took maybe 10 minutes total. Didn't have to re-setup home screens/apps either :)
  • I actually did, so I wouldn't say this is guaranteed.
  • Samsung really screwed the pooch with this one. I've never seen such a sketchy way to send out an update. But hey! what did you expect from a company that took 8 months to add TouchWiz to the Froyo code...
  • Worked Great although I had to use one of my daughters netbooks with Xp on it for some reason it wouldn't work on my W7 computer never could find my phone unless I set it to debugg USB. But worked first time on the net book. I have one Vibrant updated to Froyo, 2 to go.
  • was following these directions from the exact same page/link prior to AC's "update" but maybe i need to get a hold of somebodies' pc that happens to still have xp as well. dunno how im gonna do that tho.
  • I had problems upgrading with my desktop pc with windows 7 64bit. every time i opened kies mini app it was having a problem that made it closed on its own. i tried on my laptop with the same wp7 64bit and it worked fine. the upgrade didn't take that long about 7 mins. I find the phone snappier. The vibration on key press is not as it used to be though (not a big deal) the android market went back to the old one. the phone froze on me once i had to do a battery pull but everything seems to work fine now. oh and btw did we lose the android keyboard? i only have the swype and samsung keyboard and i don't like neither of them.
  • The first time I went in it was the old market but after a few minutes it upgraded. I also liked the android keyboard the best and it looks like it disappeared. Also try to play avatar and it said it was locked, "Do you want to unlock it?" you click yes and it never does. Has anyone else run into this?
  • I had to reset the phone to get the avatar movie to play. make sure to back up your pictures/music etc before doing this.
  • The program closes too on mine.
  • try on a different computer like i did. that's the only way i got it to work because uninstalling it and reinstalling it again didn't work for me on the same computer. so i tried on a different one and it worked.
  • try Anysoftkeyboard in the market. I love it. It's awesome. Been using it for over a year between my Vibrant and my Behold 2. Best keyboard I have found.
  • Have froyo and it's awsome, had no problem instilling the program
  • I was able to upgrade but my battery charge was insufficient, how much should it be to update? I WANT IT NAO!!!
  • Wow, who knew a carrier upgrade would be more complicated than rooting?
  • Comment of the day, right here.
  • If this is how the Epic updates, I'm going to go ballistic.
  • I have faith in Sprint that they would know better. But I agree, that would be stupid. I own an Evo, but Im crossing my fingers for you Epic 4G users. If Sprint DOES decide to go the Mini Kies way, then we know it was Samsungs doing and not the carriers. PS. I updated my girlfriends Vibrant on Vista, and was actually pretty easy (For me, on a Windows comp) Still the stupidest method ever for updating a phone. Such a pain in the ass.
  • Lets hope that there are no issues like the Galaxy S phones in Canada. Seriously, Samsung needs a better way of updating than its Kies system though - I don't understand how a company the size of Samsung is incapable of somehow using over the air updates. Lol.
  • Very frustrated. Tried 4 times. It downloads all the binary files and finished decrypting them etc... says it's updating firmware, a yellow construction looking android guy appears on my vibrant saying "do no turn off target!!!!" stays there for about two minutes and then I get an error message on kies saying "upgrade failed. pull out battery, reboot and try again. If reboot doesn't work use emergency thing". Rebooted fine each time, but I can't see to get the damn upgrade. Anyone have any suggestions? Debugging on, have it set to Kies, I'm clueless. Spent two hours trying. GRRRRRR :(
  • I am not sure what all the fuss is over, I used primarily to go back to J16 launched mini kies and shame it wanted to update. No issues here
  • got a black screen with all the home buttons lighted up, the phone keeps vibrating every now and then...did I made something wrong?
  • Kies worked like a charm for me. Picked up my device instantly, installed the update on my "used to be slow Vibrant". Man, what a difference. Finally, some Froyo love.
  • Updated with no problem AFTER i realized that KIES will not work if you have any LAUNCHER working. ADW is what i was running, after uninstalling it, i was done in 4 minutes.
  • Updated my wife's stock Vibrant this morning. Although OTA would have been easier, Installing Mini Kies and updating was pretty simple and straight forward. She has 2.2 now and my captivate is still 2.1...
  • I would try it, but.... seing as how I'm really happy with my ROM and that this is quite a hassle.. I think I'll wait to hear how the official update performs in comparison.
  • I got kies mini last night and updated my vibrant without any complications. Thank my smart ass for keeping my old 32bit windows laptop around.
  • worked great took me 10 min to upgrade with win7 64bit, finally tmobile and samsung is keeping to your word, liking the wifi tmobile calling ,need a app for my nexus s would be golden ,no internet account needed for tmo wifi calling ,keep the good work up sammy and tmo ,now work on the gps please
  • Downloaded Mini Kies this morning and followed the instructions exactly. Told me the update failed and when I tried disconnecting my phone it was BRICKED!! Samsung was useless as far as doing anything about it! Thankfully though my local T-Mobile store is awesome and got me another Vibrant on the way under my warranty! Really frustrated with Samsung over all of this!
  • Hi guys, After alot of reading I finally figured out how this is done. It has nothing to do with registering with Samsung. Step 1: You need to use Odin: Get all these: DOWNLOADS: * ODIN application – Download
    * 512 PIT file -Download
    * T-Mobile Vibrant JFD Image – Download
    * USB Drivers from the Samsung Galaxy S – 32 Bit Windows Download \ 64 Bit Windows Download Step 2: After Odin you will NOT get the Unregisted Device. I figured this out after calling Samung and Tmobile and spending over 5 hours on google!
  • My Vibrant is a beast now...faster and better
  • was trying to do it with a SAMSUNG notebook running windows 7 32bit. wouldn't work. went to a friends house, used her toshiba notebook running windows xp 32bit... fired right up. not sure why, but this is how it happened. good luck to you if you still dont have it. oh also, it took a day or so for my phone to get accustomed to froyo i guess. i was getting lots of lag and having to reboot the phone 6 or 7 times total on saturday. now it's doing just fine.
  • Hi everyone, Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. Update worked almost without problem. The only hitch was the first time I launched Kies Mini and then plugged in my Vibrant, whereupon it gave me a "failed to connect" message or some such. I closed Kies, launched it again and it downloaded some update of its own (weird, since I had just downloaded the program for the first time five minutes previously). Anyway, I then plugged in my phone and everything updated just fine. I can already tell Froyo is a much better OS.