Froyo for the Sprint Evo 4G as early as tomorrow?

What you see above is a document leaked to Engadget, showing that Android 2.2 (Froyo) is about to roll out for the HTC Evo 4G as early as this weekend.  Supposedly an announcement will be made tomorrow, and the software will be made available for users to download and manually install as a sort of test bed.  Along with the update comes all sorts of new widgets and features -- flashlights, upgraded video recording quality (720p!), LED flash during video capture, and more.  Looks like I'll be getting up early tomorrow to hopefully hear an announcement and download some Froyo for my Evo.  Engadget has a gallery of the rest of the document right HERE, it's chock full o' changes.  Now let's hope this pans out and we're not just getting set up for another disappointment.  [Engadget]

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  • Now this is the posting I have been waiting for. I got that Froyo Fever.
  • I just felt a little tickle.
  • Blah...
    I have a custom Froyo rom installed. I wonder if it is better to go stock Froyo. Anywho, awesome news.
  • The point is that none of the custom Froyo ROMs on Evo work 100% yet. Having a stock ROM with everything just means better 3rd party ROMs will be out within a few days. Don't apply this OTA update unless you want to lose root. I'm just gonna wait for either a decent rooted stock with working Wimax and Wifi Tether or for Cyanogen to get Wimax and everything else working. Either way, I will have Froyo soon :)
  • Nice but i think I'll stick with CM6
  • What is your opinion of CM6, I installed the July 28th nightly and the battery life absolutely sucked, at the pace of losing 25% per hour even when I wasn't using the phone. I loved the build but the battery made me go back to Sense for the time being.
  • Wimax not working as well as other things that still need to be worked out. An official Froyo ROM should make things easier for Cyanogen and all of the other ROM developers.
  • Have to agree, I'm running the July 27th RC1. The battery life hasn't been the best, nothing compared to stock. However, I love the build... just want some Sprint apps back and can't find them. I just believe the uncapped GPS may be the fault, because everything is just spoon much smoother, and I don't wantto miss that. Just hoping Cyanogen gets out a near-stable Stock-Froyo-based ROM asap.
  • my stock batterly life was like 5-6 hours, with the 1.47 OTA i got up to 6-8 hours. this is all max numbers. running CM6 RC1, i am cruising to 12-13 hours easy and that is with moderate to heavy usage. with no usage i am getting 15 plus hours.
  • I love CM6, the only thing I've seemed to have noticed is that Bluetooth wtfpwn's my battery (If I leave bluetooth off my battery lasts just about as long as stock), as I guess the phone never truly sleeps when it's on. I just flashed the latest daily after having stayed with the RC for a few days so I'm curious to see if there's any improvement.
  • I have a feeling August will be one hell of a month for android and froyo.
  • Hope this pans out.
  • Finally some good news
  • i just want the stupid 30 fps unlocked w/o rooting!
  • never happen
  • Ugh great, another 2.2 announcement! When will we hear from Verizon about a 2.2 release for the 1st Gen Droid!? I thought Google promised back at I/0 that Verizon Droid's would see it by end of July!?
  • Now, that's what i'm talking about Willis!
  • This would be AWSOME and the smartest move for Sprint!!! I have been disappointed in Sprints efforts to update phones and fix issues in the past, I hope the beginning of positive changes for them!
  • The phrase "wolf tickets" comes to mind...
  • sweet. Now my evo can stop hanging out in the freezer. Poor thing was waiting on froyo.
  • I been checking this website waaaay too much for this announcement. I have a feeling that now that it is out, my viewing habit will not decrease.
  • As a former Pre owner this is "outstanding" news considering everyone was saying how long it would take Sprint and htc to deliver. I had to go to Precentral to rub it in because they would always brag about receiving their updates quickly but they are still waiting for 1.4.5 and its been months now! Good job sprint and htc!
  • (keeping fingers crossed)
  • The EVO already had 720p video... did they fix the mic sounding like garbage?
  • Yeah Android Central should have put 720p with 24 FPS as one of the picture says. I really hope cleaner audio also makes it. The sound was compressed liked crazy.
  • Nice, it will be like getting a brand new phone all over again! I love it!!! I can't wait!!!
  • Exciting!! Its been a slow android news day.
  • Why is the slide copyrighted 2009? Fake?
  • good catch, i hope not! makes you wonder though.
  • It's pretty likely that the template they used for powerpoint was made in 2009 and carries a 2009 copyright date.
  • agreed. the leaked slides of the accessories from before the launch had a 2009 copyright.
  • Coolio!
  • But still no hdmi dock?!?!
  • Erection.
  • Let's get it on!!!
  • So now the question becomes, given the problems with the last "simple" update, would you do this one tomorrow if it were available?
  • I hear you on this one, as I was one of the bricked crew from the last update. I'm going to get this update, simply trusting HTC that they learned their lesson (I mean they took freakin' forever with 2.2!) from that last update mistake. If not, my phone may get returned to Sprint and wait for the Epic. I'm crossing fingers this goes smooth (if it even happens tomorrow at all) because I really love my EVO.
  • 4G wifi MACID identification????
    Will this break even PDANET? Or does this refer to MACID limitation for who can sign onto your Evo acting as a hotspot?
  • It is probably a way to screw up Wifi Tethering that is built into the OS but that's assumed anyway. They want that cash cow. Just install a rooted ROM with Wifi Tether like everyone else and ditch all the stupid artificial limitations.
  • Oh I hope it's true! "LED flash during video capture" .. That'll make my wife happy she was just bitching about that at the beach last week.
  • Aye screw ya'll Evo owners Expressed from my Droid Incredible....J/K So it looks like we may start seeing an update war that may just get us all updates quicker. No one wants to have the phones that are stuck on the last version. Things are getting more exciting by the day.
  • Froyo updates on any phone bodes well for all Android folk. We should ALL celebrate this possibility as a victory. We're slowly narrowing the update gap between phones. This would be win for EVERYONE in my opinion.
  • Ahhh, the sweetness...
  • Along with Froyo, maybe HTC might even finally release their official car mount and cradle charger that we saw advertised for the EVO about 4 months ago. Dare to dream...
  • I love the first slide: "HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL: UNAUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTION OF THIS DOCUMENT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN" Geesh, it is not like this is a plan for a nuclear weapon, it is just a damn phone update!!
  • YES!!! Way to go Sprint and HTC...Nice!
  • Whatever happened to the screen sensitivity issue that HTC addressed in June that was going to be fixed with a patch? Did that ever happen?
  • Whatever happened to the screen sensitivity issue that HTC addressed in June that was going to be fixed with a patch? Did that ever happen?
  • If your talking about the issue where it wouldn't recognize touches to the screen when the phone was not held, that was fixed in the last patch.
  • Quick Poll: How many of you have gone into settings and checked to see if, somehow, Sprint and HTC released it a day earlier than the alleged leaked document states? Hand Raised here!
  • I called Sprint this morning and the rep said tomorrow 2.2 will drop. I commented earlier on the HTC froyo rollout section. Let's hope its true. This latest news almost confirms it. Final confirmation will be made in the morning.( hopefully) IM all excited.
  • I just got off the phone with sprint and they said there is an update coming in the next few days.
  • OMG, I just
  • Bring it on!
  • This supposed documentation has horrible spelling and grammatical errors all over it. If it's real, should hire it's editor. There's no talk about Flash on there, so I am suspicious.
  • I know the EVO is a Sprint phone, but does this mean that the DI and DE will all be seeing Froyo soon as well?
  • Did anyone else catch the last slide: "4G MACID Verification Enabled
    - This will prevent 4G Hotspot usage without the HOTSPOT SOC. " I wonder if this is the end of Wireless Tether if we see a Froyo ROM using the 4G radio from this release as a base?
  • Flash is not part of 2.2. The froyo update will just allow flash to run and then you will have to grab the flash app from the market.
  • In the message above it has "Tuesday 8/2". I hope this is a typo, and not an elaborate bs scam. Sorry, don't mean to be cynical, but it is something that caught my eye.
  • Look at all the slides...flash is on there
  • On they have this posting BUT with a screen shot with new and updated features.
  • wahoo camera flash works with video, now i can make my Evo pornos!
  • @deaofly Click the "gallery..." link and you'll see the rest on this site. And I am extremely excited. The first thing tomorrow I am doing is checking for any updates on here then checking my phone.
  • THAAAAAAANNNNKKKKK YOOOOOOOUUUU! I've was hating on the news on waiting till possibly christmas to get Froyo, this is MUCH better! I hope to get it, I hope to get it!
  • Its official android 2.2 coming out August 3rd. See sprint press release. May be able to download manually as early as Sunday.
  • Not sure I believe it yet. Hopefully its true. Dont see a press release on Sprint and no email yet, any link? Edit: I think I see one now. Hmmm. Hope so!!!
  • Sprint is the first wireless carrier to bring Android 2.2 to customers using the HTC EVO™ 4G beginning Tues, Aug. 3 -
  • Great news. I was to hard-pressed for it, but it is good that it is coming. I will welcome the update with open arms.
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
  • I could have sworn the Evo came with 720p recording already...