Froyo Feature: 802.11n WiFi support

When the Nexus One first came out, there was some question about wireless N.  Mainly why didn't it work.   N1 users who were rooted and running Cyanogen Mod started seeing some 802.11n goodness last month, but now it's official.  Wireless N support is included in Froyo.  You probably won't notice much speed difference (at least I didn't) as even the Snapdragon processor can only process so much information.  But the increase in signal strength and range is awesome -- especially for spending a Sunday morning out on the deck reading the news with a pot of coffee and a cigar.  I used to have to depend on Sprint 3G and my Hero to do that, but Froyo lets me bring the N1 out for some fresh air and to join the party.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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