Is this Froyo on the Droid X? Maybe

If you were awake and paying attention late last night, you probably saw a few people talking about some pictures of Froyo on the Droid X.  We were awake, too (we never sleep), and discussing how easy it would be to fake some of what we saw.  Hey, you have to be a bit skeptical when you do what we do. 

Then we ran across what you see above.  Nobody here is saying it's real, and nobody here is saying it's fake.  We are saying that if someone did happen to have a test version of Froyo installed on their X, this is what it would look like.  Sure would like to see what's see blurred out in the kernel and system version entries. (That's as opposed to a late-night leak to Engadget, which looks more like a simple build.prop edit.)

Anyhoo, here ya go.  If it's fake, it's a cruel and unfunny prank.  If it's real, someone at Verizon is testing Froyo (and the fact that it's rooted and running DroCap2 is a sure sign it's still in testing) and was kind or brave enough to show the world.  All we can be sure of is that it's interesting. [My Droid World via Droid Life]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I don't know if it makes any difference...but that is a different PRL than the one I have on my Incredible. 51920 is the version I have and I just updated it yesterday. There might be different versions for different phones though.
  • But I want some Froyo EVO lovin!!!!!
  • @ unccmyway, the prl is not dictated by the firmware build number, it's dependent on the price plan someone is on.
  • Come on, stop posting this BS. Its a photoshop. Geeeeeeez. @Vdub, the EVO has like 6 custom Froyo Roms out there already. CM6 Cyanogenmod is the best and has everything working, plus no sense. No need to wait for sprint to do anything.
  • still no froyo for Droid huh??
  • Probably real because it is supposed to hit the x in a few weeks anyway. They should be testing it in the field right about now.