Fringe's Peter Bishop caught using Evo 4G with Qik for videocalling

It is pretty obvious by now that the creators of Fox's Fringe have a promo deal with Sprint because the Evo 4G just keeps popping up on the sci-fi show. The most recent episode featured Peter Bishop getting intel from team analyst Astrid Farnsworth using the Evo's video calling by Qik. Luckily for Peter, his choice of the Evo and Sprint let him take the video call without needing to hunt for an open WiFi network in suburbia. Head on over to the Android Central Forums to discuss all the Fringe Android sightings and check out the video past the break. Thanks to Dogan for the tip and video upload! 

Kyle Gibb
  • Good thing he doesn't have an iPhone or he would only be able to video chat over WiFi to another iPhone user.
  • Funny. I didnt think you could do actual live video calls with Qik?
    Thought you could only share prerecorded video msgs?
  • You can do actual video calls with Qik
  • I redownloaded qik from the market. It doesnt allow live video calls. Only sharing of prerecorded video.........
  • Saw this in last night's episode and the first thing I thought was "This is definitely going to make it to androidcentral on friday."
    and here it is.
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  • This is great news! It appears QIK is being updated so that you no longer need to push to talk on the receiving end, and video quality is being tripled... or is this some beta version only Fringe has?
  • Clearly it must have been from the alternate dimension since we dont have that ability here - FYI I think this show is one of the best out there, made just a bit better by android!!!!
  • Clearly it must have been from the alternate dimension since we dont have that ability here - FYI I think this show is one of the best out there, made just a bit better by android!!!!
  • I saw this last night and I remember when I tried it over wifi the video quality looked like shit. Tried it last night and it still looked like shit so I don't know how they made it so clear.
  • Through the magic of video editing.
  • i'm pretty sure you don't have to push the button with the evo version. i don't remember for sure, because i tried all of the video chat apps on the same day, but i don't think you do. or maybe it's been updated for all devices? cos my friend i did it with has an epic. i could be confusing it with another platform, but i don't think so.
  • Didn't anybody notice that Astrid was on an EPIC 4G.....I noticed it last night while watching. She had an Epic, as identified by the single LED Flash on the back. Go back and watch it again! Sprint sure got their money's worth of show backing, for those of us who notice those things, with both the EVO & Epic in that clip.
  • I was about to ask the same question! I noticed it as well =)
  • I just the video quality was really as good as there showing it to be
  • I thought I saw a Droid Pro on that show "Human Target". Yeah I think it was that show.
  • It's gotta be a fox thing... The last season of 24 was filled with product placement with serious emphasis on Sprint phones. Jack Bauer - Palm Pre, Samsung Moment
    Chloe - HTC Hero
    Other CTU Agents - Palm Pre
    Charles Logan's Advisor - Samsung Moment
  • But can he called Walternate on the Evo?
  • Tango...
  • qik doesnt look that good on anybody's evo
  • AT&T and Samsung already beat Sprint to Fringe.
  • Lol but nobody noticed the MyTouch 4G all over 90210 2 weeks ago huh making video calls as well on 4G in Beverly Hills no less.
  • Astrid can call me anytime....
  • On the other hand, Bones has gone all Microsofty. Dr. Brennan continues to flash her windows mobile phone while in this week's episode Booth's girlfriend "Bings" the name of the missing person instead of googling like the most of us.