Fring updated to support the Motorola Atrix and the Dell Streak

The developers at Fring have updated their video calling application to support the Motorola Atrix and the Dell Streak.  The application isn't yet available in the Market, but a quick trip over the the Fring blog (source link) will give you an email address to request the updated version before it gets uploaded to the Android Market.

This creates a sticky situation with the AT&T devices -- sideloading is blocked by default.  There's no need to fret though, you can use the Sideload Wonder Machine to get past that one.  You'll be chatting face-to-face with friends and family in no time.  [Fring] Thanks, Jeremy!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • If only fring had a way to automatically associate contacts with their fring accounts much like qik does - i would use it. If only there was a better way for video chat on the phone - a IEEE standard or something
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  • Is the quality better than tango? Cause the easy of use is definatly not.
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