Free up with fringOut (coming soon to Android)

What do you get when you take an application we’ve all fallen back in love with (since the Skype gaffe) and add worldwide calling for mere pennies? You get Fring’s brand-new, fringOut service! FringOut hopes to turn your Android phone into a mobile, worldwide calling powerhouse boasting the ability to call more than 200 countries from one cent a minute, landline or mobile! At the moment, fringOut is only available supported on Nokia devices but fring promises that support for Android devices isn’t far behind and will be integrated seamlessly into the fring app. You can view the trailer for their new service after the break. [fring]

Dallin Hampton
  • hmmmm Depends on how much cheaper it is than GOOGLE VOICE... which is pretty damn cheap for where I call anyway
  • They touted 1 cent a minute rates when I read about this yesterday I think. Lets wait and see.
  • there are services cheaper than GOOGLE VOICE... Pingo(.com) is one of them. Google Voice is decent but not the best out there.
  • now if they could get rid of that gaudy ui...
  • Google Voice has cheaper rates... no reason to switch to FringOut.
  • Not if you're running prepaid. Google Voice eats minutes...found that out the hard way :-P
    Fring is SIP so it runs purely over a wifi network or your data network...
  • Yup. Buddy of mine spent a week in Godforsaken Alaska, and all he had was wifi. Fring to the rescue. Even on good wifi, fring's call quality sucks compared to skype. Oh, and skype on Verizon uses your minutes too. Read the fine print.
  • But google voice isn't VOIP. This could be a boon for people on a limited minute plan.
  • Who exactly has "fallen back in love" with Fring? Last I checked there was still no Skype and the video conference call quality was abysmal. I don't know anyone who likes or uses it. I use Trillian as my IM client so right now there doesn't seem to be a point. Maybe people will like it on Android when they add this cheap calling plan, we'll see. If I'm missing something here please let me know :)
  • I suppose you're right, it is more of a "learned to accept once again, even with its shortcomings." Although, whether you care to admit it or not, Fring is one of those apps we all tried at one point or another and for most was a stepping stone of sorts as we made mental notes of things we liked and didn't much care for, taking those into consideration as we picked the next client to move to and find even then that no matter how good you think that next big multi-client IM app is, even it has its flaws. I do think it goes without saying; Fring is one ambitious operation of an app though we'd all like to see it undergo a little refining, honing and polishing before we see it take on these new projects.
  • Dumbest Trailer EVER!!! I want my 1:20 back!!!
  • Let me ask you then: Which would you prefer? The single, one minute and twenty-one second fringOut trailer or the series of creepy Logitech Revue trailers? ;D
  • This could be significant not because they offer maybe cheaper international calling rate than skype, google, or nimbuzz, etc, but because it will be the first truly voip client on android phones (I mean wihtout the complicated SIP set up.) This makes it possible to have only data plan. Why are we paying for voice and data separately? The technology is there already, but the cell carriers are doing whatever they can to block it. See what happened w Verizon and skype? Google voip is not yet available on android phones. I am hoping it will be soon. I will celebrate the day that I cancel voice plan because data is really all we should pay for.