Foursquare updates mapping interface, adds filters to 'Explore' search

Improved landscape map browsing on large devices and pre-filtered searches highlighted in this release

Foursquare has just pushed out an update to its app in the Play Store with a set of improvements primarily focused on mapping and searching. First up is an improved map experience, which builds on previous updates to the mapping UI, that offers a neat two-paned view while viewing in landscape on large phones and tablets. You can now properly browse and select places on a map on one side of the screen while browsing your friends' recent check-ins on the other. On the search side, Foursquare has added filters that you can apply before entering any search terms in the "Explore" box. Tapping the "Filter" button to the right of the search box gives options to sort by best match or distance, choose whether to show places you've checked into before, sort by price and many more. You can then continue on with a keyword or category search within those filters.

They're subtle tweaks, but we're never going to turn down improvements to a popular app. You can grab a download or update to the latest Foursquare app at the Play Store link above.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • past couple days I have been getting a bunch of Network Failure's "Somethings Wonky" lol a lot, but it's only when I'm on cellular network not when on wifi. Or it could be this amazing HTC First that I use as a work phone... actually the phone is pretty nice once you take off Facebook home.
  • Hm can't say I've had the same experience recently with Foursquare. Could be a local network issue.
  • I too have had the frequent "Something's Wonky" error messages. Very annoying. (Galaxy Note2)
  • is this the app where the sheep check in and tell everyone where they are, where they've been, and what they're doing? "The sheep won't even need a chip implanted--they'll carry it around like status symbol."