A move to deep colors and flat design

Foursquare has just undergone a pretty substantial interface refresh with the latest update. Today's change marks a move away from the "map" home screen view to a bigger focus on friends, suggested goings-on and check-ins. When first launching Foursquare you'll now notice a cleaner view with deeper colors and flatter styling that simply lists your friends, with access to a full map of locations hidden behind an additional interaction.

When tapping on a suggested place, the search button or the menu key you can get into a map view (each with different functions, of course) that is more familiar. The slide-in panel from the left is familiar and simple, with again deeper colors and a bit smoother design.

Functionally, not many things have really changed. You can still check in immediately with the pin icon in the bottom of the home screen, and view a friend's check-in or search for a place with just one tap. While it's certainly something new to get used to, we're fans of the bold design.