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Vivo patents phone display with four hole punch cutouts

Vivo four punch-hole
Vivo four punch-hole (Image credit: GizChina)

What you need to know

  • New patent filings indicate three different layouts of four hole punch cutouts in the display.
  • This is only a patent filing, so these designs are not guaranteed to make it to production.
  • This patent shows the holes would be for cameras, but the type of cameras is unclear.

Vivo is no stranger to showing off phone designs that can seem futuristic and a bit out there, and this new patent continues that trend. GizChina and Tigermobiles found a filing in China's intellectual property office for a screen design that has four cameras using hole punch cutouts.

Vivo four punch-hol

Source: GizChina (Image credit: Source: GizChina)

The filing shows these punches off in three different arrays — one hole in each corner of the screen, two in the upper left and upper right with no gap between each hole, and then two in the upper right and left with a gap between holes. While it can be assumed the holes would be for cameras, we don't know for sure if these cameras would be for selfies or have other functions as well.

Vivo has been pushing the boundaries for phone design for a while now. With a phone that has nearly zero display bezel to the first dual pop-up front-facing camera, it knows how to make a statement. Now, since this recent find is only a patent filing, it doesn't mean that we will get to see this phone reach the consumer market. Though it could be interesting to see what Vivo could do with all of those cameras — hopefully, better than another phone with a camera in each corner did.

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