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From the Forums: Unofficial Cyanogenmod 6 for the Evo nightly changelog

Forum  user JCrater11 and others have been keeping up a nightly changelog for Cyanogenmod 6 for the Sprint HTC Evo 4G. Last month we told you it was coming, and since then development has taken off. For those of you who don't know, Cyanogenmod is built from and Android 2.2 Froyo source and doesn't include anything that is closed-source. If you don't have an Evo, you can check to see if your phone is supported by Cyanogen at the developer website. If you are rocking the Evo, though, head on over to the forum thread and check out what's new in the nightlies (and if you notice something that isn't there, feel free to pitch in). [Android Central Forums]

  • Does this mean that if you installed FROYO CM6 OTA on the evo, you can now root? Or is that not possible yet? <---NOOB
  • Not possible yet...this is basically a rom you flash. A REALLY kick a$$ vanilla Android rom.
  • Again, Noob question, can you flash without root? I would like to run the stock android OS, something about Sense irks me.
  • Nope. MUST be rooted to flash any unofficial ROMs. If you're on 2.1, though, it's easy. There's a 1-click root method over at XDA.
  • As stated, root req. But check out ADW launcher from the Market. Sweet alt launcher.
  • Great rom only thing it needs is 4g then it would be my everyday rom
  • I spend most of my time covered by WiFi, so this has been my everyday ROM for a long while now. I just want full HDMI out so I can load up Ubuntu on my phone and hook it up to an external monitor :P
  • Yeah. Unfortunately this means waiting for the Wifi drivers to be open sourced or for someone to write their own open source software. I just installed RC2 last night and it is decent. Still getting a few of the issues worked out and the camera kinda sucks compared to the one that HTC packaged with it. Otherwise it's been nice. I will probably do a backup then restore back to my Fresh 1.0.1 for now. that way I can swap between them and test out the new builds.
  • Is it easy to go back if you don't like it?
  • Yup. Just make a nandroid backup before you flash it. Btw, I'm not as good as Jerry at walking things through. I'm glad to help, but I tend to do it from a already-know-how-to-do-things perspective. You can always ask me to go back and explain something, though :)
  • So from a n00b perspective, is it worth it flashing this from the OTA .6 froyo stock build? I've done plenty of ROM flashing in my Windows Mobile days but this seems like a whole another deal...can someone list how it's better than the stock froyo for evo? I don't live in a 4G area, don't do MMS and don't use the HDMI so those wouldn't matter to me....
  • It's basically a ROM where the developer has taken the base open source Android OS and is building in all of the other software to support the Evo's hardware. The end result is as close as you will find to a plain vanilla AOSP ROM for the Evo. Right now there are still some bugs but it's nice to play with and you get a bit more speed. Anyway if you flashed the over the air update you won't be installing this or any 3rd party ROM for a while since there is no root for that yet.
  • So you're on a rooted stock 2.2? Or just a stock 2.2 OTA; which, in this case, means you can't do this unfortunately. That's the impression I get from your post, but if you are rooted on a stock than I'd say it's worth checking out at least. Always can go back. CM6 RC2 is working great for me. 4G missing is a bit of a bummer, but that's the only thing. HDMI is of no importance to myself.
  • Ah, so it IS the chicken before the egg! Alas....well will await the root anxiously :) Anyone recall how long it took to root initial Android 2.1 on most of the phones?
  • CM6 for the Sprint/HTC Hero rocks as well!
    Loaded it up yesterday and still fully testing but you never realize how much HTC got wrong with Sense until you truly see what Google originally did with their UI and functions (like camera)!
  • Quick question. Does this allow me to run the same/similar dock to the Foroyo Wide found in Launcher Pro, and still allows me to use the HTC Widgets?
  • There are no HTC widgets (of HTC anything for that matter) in CM6
    Also, HTC's widgets only work in their Sense UI. They don't work in other home screen replacements.
  • Now if my wish that a phone with Cyanogen would ID as the phone it is and not a Nexus One to the Market and Sprint network, that would be fantastic! - Even the Hero version IDs as a Nexus, which prevents download of some Sprint specific applicaitons. OS wise, he's done a great job, I've played with it a couple of times and even had VVM (Visual Voice Mail) functioning, but sadly no NFL or Nascar. (Although SprintTV works just fine!)
  • I'm highly regretting updating to froyo before rooting. Someone please find a method to root 2.2 for me please?
  • Just bought an EVO yesterday. They now come with 2.2. I was counting on rooting the phone and then upgrading. No can do now. So am I really stuck with the stupid preloaded apps, no tethering (NOT paying for a service that should be free w/ my data plan), and the battery dieing out because I can't control cpu speeds???????? Ugh - wow, I'm going nuts. Someone please post a note here when a method to root 2.2 becomes known. please please please.