From the forums: Should you get the Note 8 now that the Note 9 is out?

On August 24, the Galaxy Note 9 will officially exit the pre-order stage and be released out in the wild for everyone to buy. Our full review of the phone left us rather impressed, and although it's not a drastic upgrade from the Note 8, there are a lot of subtle improvements here and there that create for an excellent user experience.

The Note 9 is obviously a great buy, but if you're rocking a smartphone that's a couple years old, is the Note 8 still worth considering now that its successor is here?

Here's what some of our AC forum members had to say!

I think I will be on the lookout for a good deal on a used note 8 once the n9 is out.


Note 8 is still an excellent phone, but if both you and the misses need new phones, look at the current BOGO deals for the Note 9. That way both of you can have brand new phones for about the same price with this buy one get one free deal. Take a look at Verizon's offers on their website. PS. I tried to post a link but it's not looking to Verizon page.


Absolutely would not hesitate to purchase a note 8 works well no issues at all. I looked at the note 9 yesterday at best buy and can see any reason to update.


I'm hoping the prices of the note 8 will be slashed even more when the note 9 is finally released.


What do you think? Is the Galaxy Note 8 still worth getting even though the Note 9 is here?

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