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Gaming on the Gear VR is a unique experience. It's an immersive playground filled with new things to check out every week, and as more users dive in to the platform and start to experience all of the content available through the Oculus Store there's going to be questions. Many of these Gear VR games cost a little more than the average Android game, and so the biggest question many are going to have is whether these games are actually worth playing before picking up some of the bigger titles.

That's exactly what happened over in the forums recently, and the thread that followed is a fantastic list of things you should try out on the Samsung Gear VR.

The Oculus Store is constantly growing and changing, which is a good thing. Until recently, the Oculus Store didn't even have search to make it easy to locate and install games. It was actually more convenient to navigate the virtual version of the store than it was to thumb through the app outside of the Gear VR casing, if only to get a better idea of what the game would look like in VR. Things have gotten much better, but that means there's probably a couple of games you haven't heard of to check out yet.

  • Dreadhalls ($4.99) — If you're looking for a VR game to scare your pants off, this is the way to go. With a pair of decent headphones and something soft to fall on when you are eventually scared off your feet, Dreadhalls is a ton of fun.
  • Anshar Wars 2 ($14.99) — Without a doubt, Anshar Wars 2 is the best space combat game currently available for the Gear VR. It's visually impressive, the gameplay is fantastic, and the story is more than enough to keep you busy for a while. You'll want a gamepad with this one, but it's well worth the money.
  • Protocol Zero ($4.99) — First-person shooters in VR are especially complicated, especially if you're used to twitch shooting and tumbling around to escape enemy fire. Protocol Zero offers simple gameplay, but plenty of action to keep you busy.
  • Keep Talking and No One Explodes ($9.99) — This is a unique multiplayer Gear VR game, which is cool but requires you to have someone else nearby with a Gear VR for it to work. If you have another Gear VR owner nearby, the game is simple. One of you gets the instructions to diffuse the bomb, and the other gets the bomb to diffuse. Work together or die.
  • Herobound: Spirit Champion ($9.99) — Hack and slash the bad guys, solve the mysteries of the dungeons, and use what you've accomplished along the way to defeat the big bad at the end. Herobound takes the fairly standard dungeon crawler style and throws it in VR so your view from above can be used to better appreciate the world you're exploring.

Head over to the Gear VR thread to see more contributions, and if something is missing from the list from your experiences be sure to share your thoughts!

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