Flume 2 helps conserve water and prevent home flooding from burst pipes

Flume 2 Product In Kitchen
Flume 2 Product In Kitchen (Image credit: Flume)

What you need to know

  • Flume 2 monitors your home's water usage and can detect leaks both inside and outside of your home.
  • Flume 2 installs right over your existing main water meter without the need to cut pipes.
  • An early 2021 update will allow Flume 2 to individually monitor appliance water usage.

Flume was already one of the best smart water monitoring systems around, but Flume 2 is set to bring that feature set to the next level. Flume 2 features the same easy installation as the original Flume, as it attaches right to your main water meter without the need to cut pipes or call in a plumber. It can also monitor for water usage both inside and outside your home, as it's smart enough to be able to tell where the water is going and help detect leaks when they happen.

Flume 2's upgrades include the ability to read water usage faster and more accurately, as well as the ability to better identify and separate indoor and outdoor water usage and leaks. But that's not just good for finding a once-in-a-blue-moon type of leak — Flume can more effectively monitor your water usage and actually help you save money along with saving water. The Flume app easily breaks down exactly how much water you've used and gives you tips to help lower your water usage, breaking usage down by indoor and outdoor components.

Flume says that in early 2021 it expects to update Flume 2 with the ability to actually detect individual appliance water usage, which will significantly enhance Flume 2's ability to not only detect leaks more accurately but also to help you pinpoint which of your appliances is using too much water. Flume cites that 37% of Flume buyers were able to find a leak within one week of installing the original Flume and that over 70% of total Flume users were able to use the product to find a leak in their water system at some point during the ownership period.

In addition, most customers are said to have reduced water usage by at least 10% year-over-year after installing Flume. Flume was originally designed after the significant water shortages in California over the past several years and was created to help its customers go green in a palpable way. Flume 2 is available right now at major retailers.

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