Flick Golf! for Android released

Full Fat Games has announced that Flick Golf! is now available in the Android Market.  The unique style of gameplay is sure to be a hit.  Like the name implies all you do is flick.  It sounds easy, but mastering the technique is fun and challenging.

Unlike some other golf games you don't see or use any clubs.  You flick your finger to do everything, inlcuding teeing off, applying top spin, backspin, etc.  Points are awarded based on how close to the pin you get.  Graphics are top notch and look great.  The game has a lot of polish to it, and I haven't experienced any issues while playing it.  If you like it give a shout in the forums and let everyone know what you think.

  • Once again a review leaves off the price. $1.07
  • This is a half arsed review, c'mon android central! £0.69 in the UK
  • That's because it's not a review... Otherwise it would say in the title that it was a review...
  • Anyone tried this game on a tablet?
  • Works on my Xoom
  • Downloading right now seems fun! $1.07 in the US BTW.
  • I'snt this kinda late news I've been playing this for a week already and it works great on a tablet i got the 7" Tab
  • Is the game optimized for tablets or does it not fill up the whole screen?
  • takes more than 15 minutes to download = no refunds effin 3g
  • You realize it's a whopping $1.07 right?
  • Yeah I'm going to be all sluggish today because I couldn't afford my coffee :(
  • The 15 minutes don't start til after it's downloaded...
  • Well on the web market it says it is compatible with all my devices (Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy Tab 8.9) so I'd guess it will work on the tablets....
  • It says it's compatible with my Thrive as well, but I am afraid it will not fill up the screen or force me to play in portrait mode with it stretched to fill the screen.
  • It works great on my Thrive.
  • From reading the reviews, it's just driving from the tee. It's not "golf". It's flick "driving". Graphics look great though. They just need to make it a full game.
  • It looks and plays well on my infuse. But yeah, I was really hoping for a golf game. Every hole on every course is identical, same tees, they just move the target around a tad. Part of the fun of golf is all the locations, this really doesn't get that. This game is more like paper toss (even with shifting winds) than golf.
  • this is a nice game yes its just the driving part of golf but its addictive anyway. if u want a full golf experience try super stickman golf its free . As for tablets it streches to the full screen on my 7" Tab
  • There are two versions with the same name and almost the exact same descriptions on the market. One made by Full Fat Productions ($1.07) and one made by Rage Studios ($.99).
  • Good because MAstercard no longer allows purchases from the UK!!!