Fleksy gets even more personal with its new custom theme builder

Fleksy, the popular third party keyboard for Android, has been updated with a major new personalization feature. Users will now be able to build their own custom themes and use them in any app in which they use Fleksy.

The Theme Builder in Fleksy is fairly straightforward. You're given a series of options for your keyboard, starting with a template, and from there you can choose everything from your background color to what shape your key pops take, be it rectangles, circles, or smiley faces. Once you've finished your theme, you'll find it above the other themes under "My Themes."

After you've create a theme or two, you can also share them with your friends if you want. Just select your theme, then tap the paper airplane icon to get a list of sharing options. If the recipient already has Fleksy, the theme will be installed just like any other.

You can download Fleksy from the Google Play Store right now.

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