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Fix for Nexus S rebooting coming 'within one to two weeks,' Googler says

You know that rebooting problem that's been plaguing the Samsung Nexus S since its launch? Sounds like Google's just about got it nipped in the bud, and a fix should ship in the next week or two. Googler Ry Guy posts as such in Google support forums:

The initial results of our tests look very promising. At this rate we will most likely be rolling out an OTA to resolve this issue within one to two weeks. We really appreciate your patience as we do our final verifications on this fix before sending it out.

Do us a favor though -- if it takes Google 15 or 16 days to get this pushed, try not to threaten anyone with a class-action lawsuit, m'kay? [Google Support Forums via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Grimmy!

Edited to correct that Ry Guy and Google's Romain Guy are not the same person.

  • Where's Nexus One Gingerbread?.. I'm getting sick of this Android update BS..
  • Its out if you want a custom rom.
  • As you can see, it takes some time for QA to update different phones. Would you be happier if Google delayed Gingerbread by months and months and NO ONE got it until all phones could get it at the same time? No one would be happy about that either, so it's a lose-lose situation for Google. I suppose Google could do themselves a favor and do exactly that, but not officially announce it until ready. Of course people would not be happy about that either.
  • Not a single reboot ever. :)
  • Yeap, me problems with my Nexus S!!
  • What reboots? Never had any.
  • Haven't had a single reboot on my NS... got it at launch. Happy to see this roll out to those that were having the issue though.
  • I Sadly have had the Issue its horrible LOL - especially when
    am in the middle of a call ;9 other than that the only other complain i also have is with Disapering pictures & music has anyone had that issue ?
  • I think the reboot bug are those nexus s that were released with userdebug fw. I ahve been using nexus s since december and never had a single reboot.
  • Have not had S reboot issues either, fortunately.
  • Yeah.. like the first poster said.. Is this the same couple weeks it was going to take for the N1 to get 2.3? CM7!
  • CM7...Amen brother. Nightlies for life.
  • Nexus One owner wondering when Google is going to push out 2.3 for us? Rapidly losing trust for their word. Remember the "next few weeks" some time ago?
  • You guys need to relax! their going to release it when it's ready
  • Yeah I know, it's just fun to throw some logs on the fire. :)