This AndroWinMoApple guitar shreds

It’s not every day that you see someone playing a guitar made out of cell phones.  However, today a music sequence developer thought it would be a good idea to write apps for Android, Windows Mobile, and the iPhone, and then tape all the three different devices on a banjo and video tape himself playing "Cracklin Rosie." All three major cell phone platforms (BlackBerry, Nokia and Palm fans start your rant engines) synchronized in a perfect musical balance of harmony: We know it sounds outrageous, but the results are pretty darn cool.  Be sure to check it out for yourself after the break.

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Adam Sawyer
  • Epic. No other words needed.
  • that's crazy....its Nexus, Iphone, but what's the other one?? HD2?
  • wao, you are the man...
  • from Engadget: "a couple of Android devices (possibly an Archos 5 and a HTC Desire), a couple of WinMo handhelds (looks like a HP iPAQ h1940 and a HTC Touch Diamond), and an iPod touch on top of a portable speaker."
  • I am speechless
  • Wow
  • I wanted to know the primary app he was using, but it looks like that first phone is the iPhone. @Simer03, the other phone is a PocketPC. I could see the logo when I expanded the video.
  • Clever nonsense.
  • lol he sounds like cheech singin cracklin rosie or is it chong? I always get the 2 mixed. Nice job though.
  • Total WIN