Fingerprints-on with Lenspen's latest Sidekick and Smartklear display cleaners

Android Central @ CES

Lenspen has been making screen and lens cleaners for some time now, with its technology being used by many major camera manufacturers, and now it has a new line of smartphone and tablet cleaners as well. The idea here is that instead of using a towel to clean the screen, you use a carbon-covered pad that's much more efficient at picking up oils. The carbon absorbs much more oil than any towel can, and these stow away nicely to boot because they're about the size of a flash drive.

The original Smartklear (the small red one) has been around for a bit, but now has a new shell to match the newest model, the tablet-sized Sidekick (here in blue.) These things work, and the idea is really cool if you end up cleaning smudges off your devices incessantly like we do. Beats the heck out of stuffing a microfiber cloth in your pocket all of the time. Stick around after the break for a quick look in a video and a few more pictures from the CES show floor.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • How well do they work if there is a screen protector on the display?
  • My understanding was that they don't work as well with screen protectors.
  • Fine by me, since my first phone's invisible shield protector came off due to the case peeling it back.. I haven't used one.
  • Well, to be honest. I can't see this product being wildly accepted.
  • I think you mean adopted. Lots of people will get and understand the point of it, but I doubt that many people will actually buy one just as a simple device for no purpose other than cleaning smudges off their smartphone/tablet.
  • Somehow I don't see these being as close at hand as the front of my shirt. Usually a deep breath on the screen and a rub on the 'ol belly cleans it right up. -Suntan
  • I wonder if you have that backwards - the Sidekick is on their website, but I can't find the Smartklear anywhere...
  • They do! AC needs to update the article.
    The guy says in the video that the smaller Smartklear is their brand new version.
  • It seems like he was being very careful not to touch the cleaning surface. Was that to prevent additional oil from the fingertips from saturating, or does it leave a black mess on your fingers like a newspaper print might?
  • I have a LensPen for cleaning my DSLR lenses and it works great. It will not leave a black mess on the screen like newspaper. Also in my experience it's better than a cloth because I've never seen it leave the occasional swirl mark like a cloth might. I didn't know they made these for phones/tabs...I think I'll pick one up.
  • Actually, at the very beginning, the sales guy did touch the pad and tried to show his finger, but the camera panned away.
  • I doubt this is cost effective against a cleaning cloth.
  • Pretty cool. I can see myself keeping one of these in my tablet bag that I use for sales. Might have to give this a try very soon.
  • I actually use the Sidekick on my phone and tablets. It is much more effective than a microfiber cloth, not only at cleaning, but also how fast it cleans. It does not leave any carbon residue on your screen. Like a microfiber cloth, it will not scratch your screen, but unlike a microfiber cloth, it won't leave any oils on your screen.
  • I don't know... seems like one wrong move (slips our of your hand, the pad snaps off) and you've just scratched across your screen with the handle component.
  • Well here's the thing. You don't have to "Hulk Smash" to get it to work. Just light swipes do peachy.