Fewer than half our readers are buying any of Apple's latest products

2021 iPad Mini
2021 iPad Mini (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • This past Friday, Apple opened preorders for its latest devices, including the iPhone 13 series.
  • Over the weekend, we asked our readers if they had preordered any of the new products themselves.
  • More than half responded that they hadn't yet, while fewer than a third said they had.

This past week, Apple held its annual September event where it hyped up its latest products, including the iPhone 13 series, the iPad mini 6, and the Apple Watch Series 7. But, judging by the scuttlebutt across the interwebs, most people seemed underwhelmed by what Apple announced this time around.

Following its usual cycle, Apple took down its virtual storefront in the early morning hours on Friday and then reopened it, allowing preorders on its new products. By all accounts, the preorder period was a massive success for Apple, as many reported reduced stock and a website that was overburdened by online ordering. And because many of our readers use Apple products every day, we wondered how many of those folks made an effort to preorder new gear.

Nearly 53% of respondents told us that they "didn't bother" preordering any of the new Apple products. In comparison, another 15% indicated that they might be interested but are content to take their time. However, almost one-third of readers said that they had preordered at least one of the new devices.

Android Central reader fuzzylumpkin said that they "haven't given Apple any money thus far, don't see a reason to now," and joeldf echoed that sentiment, saying that they "don't buy Apple products at all."

Here's what some of our respondents had to say over on Twitter:

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Our poll is now closed, but we'd still love to hear from you. Are you planning on picking up any of Apple's new products, or are you sticking with one of the best Android phones? Let us know in the comments below.

Jeramy Johnson

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  • Maybe because most of your readers are Android fans.
  • Who'd have thought!
  • Well that was back in the day when this site was only about Android, but now that it is all about tech.
  • Except for Apple Tech. There will be an odd article that forces some relevance, but they have iMore for the other fans.
  • Does the article title "less than half", while technically correct, seem a bit disingenuous to anyone else when it goes on to explicitly say it's less than a third? Apple is doing fine, they don't need you to fluff numbers for them.
  • I am shocked! I will be buying the Surface Duo 2... Can't wait for the reveal and Mr Mobiles review...
  • And it will still outsell the ipixel
  • I can see why the iPhone and Apple Watch didn't generate even the typical fan-boy buzz. The iPad mini, on the other hand has some real possibilities. Basically, it has the latest processor, the newest OS, and a USBc port instead of the seriously lagging now misnamed "Lightning" port. If you just think about it as a very large phone, it's what the iPhone 13 Pro Max^2 should have been.