Fashionable Touchscreen Gloves: Text With Style and Warmth

If you hail from colder climes, then you likely can't text outside from October until March — at least, not without some protection. Touchscreen gloves are a great way to keep using your phone outside, and function oftentimes trumps fashion in that market. But we've found some stellar style options that'll stand out and make your hands feel like they won the lottery.

If you're more into function than form, then check out our roundup of the best touchscreen gloves.


Burberry check wool and leather

These checkered wool gloves from Burberry are the perfect way to keep your hands warm, while remaining fashionable and still able to text. They're sort of like driving gloves, with their flared cuff and sheep leather palms. They're also lined with 100% cashmere, for the utmost in luxury.

They come in either charcoal or navy.

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Barney's New York Tech-Smart suede gloves

These fine suede gloves from Barney's come in black, blue, and "open", which is a dark, rich brown (my favorite).

They have three top-stitched, raised seams on the back to add an accent and design to the 100% real leather suede. The insides are lined with soft and warm cashmere.

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Gizelle Renee Theodore Gentlemen's Wooly Glove

If the leather or suede looks don't tickle your fancy, then check out these wool gloves by Gizelle Renee. They have a contrast leather trim, which stands out from the sandy colored wool and adds an accent of sophistication.

The bespoke velcro fastener adds a standout accent as well, and the wrist features elastic, so you can tighten it as much as you like and still feel like you can move your wrists around.

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Dents Shaftesbury Touch Classic cashmere-lined leather gloves

If you're looking for the classic black leather glove, but you still want touchscreen capabilities, then the Shaftesbury gloves from Dents of UK are the way to go. They feature the raised stitching on the back, classic cuff, and are, of course, lined with cashmere.

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Mujjo Double Layer touchscreen gloves

Mujjo's Double Layer gloves are the perfect marriage of function and fashion, made from durable wool, with rubber grips on the palms, a magnetic snap closure, and leather trim around the cuff.

If you live in colder climes (CANADA), but you still need to use your phone outside, then check out Mujjo's gloves and keep your fingers warm and your form fashionable.

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Echo Touch Long Knit leather glove

Want to look like a fair maiden who might ride side saddle on a horse and then slap someone in the face for thinking they're a damsel in distress? These are the gloves for you!

The Echo Touch gloves are a gorgeous blend of wool and sheepskin leather, with a cozy design that extends up the forearms ensuring warmth and that no snow gets in there (isn't that the worst?). The lace on the back is a lovely, simple accent and the added bonus of a touchscreen fingertip means you can keep warm and snap those Instas all day long.

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UGG Classic Leather Smart Glove

Love the feeling of UGGs on your feet? Wouldn't it be great if hands were feet? OF COURSE NOT; WHAT ARE YOU, INSANE? But wouldn't it be awesome if that comfort and warmth could somehow be molded to fit your hands in the form of, say, a glove?

Well it can and is! The Classic Leather Smart Glove from UGG has the classic black leather glove look with a black rabbit cuff that adds a bit of flair and some assurance that snow won't sneak its way and and freeze your grabbers.

Comes in black, brown, chestnut and "Stormy Grey". Make sure you select the right size before checking out!

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Rory Who

If you love brand name, but want to have a bit of fun and stand out in the crowd, then the Rory Who gloves from the Spongebob tattoo-clad Marc Jacobs are a colorful way to stay warm and techy.

These gloves are red, yellow, blue, and white, with a fun striped pattern, made from 100% Merino wool with acrylic touchscreen-compatible fingertips.

See at Amazon (opens in new tab) Metallic Leather touch screen gloves makes wonderful touchscreen gloves, and the metallic leather gloves are a shiny way to text in style. You have your choice of gold or silver, and you're not limited to one or two fingertips — you can use your whole hand on your touchscreen, thanks to what calls "Invisitouch" napa leather.

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Ralph Lauren Polo touch screen gloves

If it's good enough for Rachel, then it's certainly good enough for all of us. These cashmere gloves from Ralph Lauren are beautifully knit and extended past the wrist for extra warmth.

If you don't think these are luxurious enough, just check out the colors they come in: Camel Melange, Belmont Purple Heather, Heritage Cream, and Montauk Purple.

They're all pretty and they're all touchscreen-compatible, so check it out.

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Your picks?

What's your favorite high-fashion touchscreen glove? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I use a few brands but my most recent pair is from North Face. Great when coaching on sidelines. I have my lineup and keep track of score and fouls.
  • Where is the list of affordable touchscreen gloves? Almost all of these are over $100 with one over $400.
  • Exactly
  • I want a review of the touch screen gloves available in 7-1`1 stores.
  • Most affordable gloves are those you already have, paired with a stylus :) Answering a phone may be a bit more difficult, but everything else, texting and playing games, is way more precise.
    I'd like to see Pokémon Go played with these touchscreen gloves :D
  • Isn't this what voice controls are for? OK google
  • I'm going to try the mujjo gloves...I've been looking for some nice touch screen gloves
  • Most phones have glove mode or you can manually turn up sensitivity.
  • One of the kids got me a set of bluetooth gloves for Christmas, with a speaker in the finger tip and microphone in the cuff, along with media controls. Have not tried it out yet, as I'm not sure I want to walk around with my finger in my ear, lol. Between the S7 Edge, iPhone 6S Plus, and HTC in my collection, the HTC easily is the most sensitive screen. I can use my fingernail if I want to, which the other two are not responsive enough to recognize.
  • So kind of a weird thing but the Gizelle Renee link keeps taking me to NSFW pop up ads..Just thought someone should know
  • Same. Starts to load page but then goes to NSFW site. What the heck?
  • Anyone remember when Samsung included a glove touchscreen option? Few other manufacturers had it too. Note 3 and Note 4 had a toggle to increase screen sensitivity and I could use any pair of gloves I owned with the screen, feature was removed in the Note 5 and I nearly returned the phone because of it.