Fall into Autumn with a new leafy wallpaper

Summer is hot, and we're so over it. The scorching heat that makes you sweat all day; the summer flocks of tourists congesting the cities and highways; it can all go away. I'm ready for the kids to be back in school and the temperature outside to not melt things.

Fall is coming, PUMPKINS ARE BACK and the leaves are about to explode from a boring green into a riot of warm colors. Let's fall into Autumn and grab some great new wallpapers while we're at it!

Fallen Leaves

One beautiful component of fall's lower temperatures is that with each cold front we usually see some mist or fog lingering, the sky unable to hold its moisture quite as well. The mist and the falling leaves create magic in forests and glens across the land, and you'd almost swear there's something otherworldly afoot as you stare into the deep mist and feel something staring back.

Fallen Leaves by artsaus

Bronte the path downhill

This bright, canted wallpaper is tipping us over into the new season and pushing us forward down the path to a new, more colorful day. It's too hot to even think of walking around during the day, and with fall comes the opportunity to ditch the air-conditioned treadmill rooms at the gym and go for a more festive walk down the fall trails, with leaves crunching underfoot and a new color everywhere you turn. Just be careful not to slip on those leaves!

Bronte the path downhill by Qels

Barn in the Fall

Driving through the countryside in the fall is a special treat, allowing you to see foliage you'd never find in your own backyard, and to see crops in various colors as they wait for harvest. This shot juxtaposes the color of fall and the decay of an old barn with the modernity of a wind turbine, a reminder that just as so much plant life comes to an end in the fall that there is something new that will grow from it in the future.

Barn In The Fall by Cute-And-Bright

Let's go for a drive

Some people like to go for long, scenic drives in the spring when everything is blooming. Some people like to go for winding, exploring drives in the summer, with longer days to while away on their drive. These drives are all well and good, but nothing beats a nice long drive in the fall, when the colors of the season don't just paint the trees and bushes, but paint everything in fallen leaves and warm shades! This motorcyclist has the right idea, catching an afternoon ride and enveloping itself in color and crisp autumn air.

Autumn - Countryside by Grivetart

Rain and Leaves

The summer dry spells are ending for many, and while that makes raking up the leaves all but impossible, it does create a beautiful wallpaper. The ripples of the rain, the bright oranges and reds of the leaves slowly being eaten by the mud and darkness of the puddle; it makes me want to go jump in a puddle right now, once I break out the boots it's been too hot to wear the last six months. Bring on the fall and bring on the rain!

Leaves and Rain by TwiggyTeeluck

Ara Wagoner

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