Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout — How to grab the crown

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Fall Mountain Waiting Screen
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Fall Mountain Waiting Screen (Image credit: Android Central)

The last man (peanut? jelly bean? blob?) standing in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout wins the coveted crown, but one particular course challenges you to actually grab a physical crown at the end of it. People tend to not do that, whether by accident or because they just don't know how. Thankfully, it's actually incredibly simple.

Fall Guys How to grab the crown

For starters, winning the crown and grabbing the crown are two different things. Winning a total victory after all rounds are over doesn't necessarily mean you'll compete in Fall Mountain, the map where you need to grab the crown. Sometimes in order to win you'll need to be the last person wearing a tail on a course, or you'll need to be the last person to fall into the slime at the bottom as the hexagons beneath your feet disappear. These courses do not require you to grab a crown.

On Fall Mountain, you'll notice a large crown floating near the top. It's not enough to simply jump into the crown and assume you've won because you made it there first. You actually have to grab onto the crown with the right trigger (R2) on your controller. It tells you this on the waiting screen, but we all know people don't pay attention to those. It's best to run up the ramps on either side of the crown and jump towards where it's hovering it as soon as it's close enough to grab.

Fall Guys How to earn crowns

Source: Android Central

Now if you want to earn crowns, that's a bit different. All you need to do to earn crowns is win a total victory and level up throughout the season by competing in matches and earning fame. This doesn't necessarily need to be done by grabbing the crown at Fall Mountain — though that is one way to do it.

Crowns can then be redeemed for cosmetics through the Fall Guys in-game store.

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