Meta upgrades Facebook Groups with new features, customizations, and subgroups

Facebook Groups New Features
Facebook Groups New Features (Image credit: Meta)

What you need to know

  • Facebook is getting several new features focused on building communities in groups.
  • Group admins will now be able to add various customizations to personalize the community experience.
  • Facebook is also working on implementing subgroups for more specific communities.
  • Admins will also have access to new monetization options for groups and subgroups.

Facebook is introducing a bevy of new features to enhance the community experience on groups and pages. The latest updates bring added customization features and ways for admins to monetize groups with fundraisers and paid access.

Facebook is giving admins the ability to dress up groups with colors, backgrounds, fonts, and emojis to make the group more unique to their interests. This includes a new intro page that admins can implement to welcome new members to the group.

Source: Meta (Image credit: Source: Meta)

Groups are also getting new and easier ways to engage thanks to a floating "posting button" that lets users post from anywhere in the group without having to scroll back to the top; a feature Meta should consider placing outside of groups as well. Additionally, group members will be able to award each other with badges to highlight contributions to the group and further encourage engagement.

Groups will also be able to connect in real-time with community chats and by scheduling reoccurring events for virtual or in-person meetings.

Facebook is also testing subgroups that admins can create within their groups. Similar to Reddit, this will allow members to engage with more specific communities for more like-minded conversations.

These subgroups can be free or paid, one of the new ways that Facebook is trying to help admins monetize their communities. Other monetization options being introduced include a shop for admins to sell their products as well as group fundraisers for members to help contribute to admins and moderators.

Facebook Groups New Features

Source: Meta (Image credit: Source: Meta)

Admins are also getting more tools to help run groups, including a new way to combine groups and pages, so they're easier to manage together using the same tools. Meta says this will give admins an "official voice" when interacting with their community and make it easier for users to access a group from a community page.

The new features boost Facebook's commitment to its groups as more platforms double down on their social features. For example, Twitter recently rolled out Communities, its own take on Facebook Groups, although it has been somewhat limited due to its invite-only nature.

Meta hasn't specified when these features will arrive but says that some will be available "soon" while others are being tested. That said, we've reached out for additional details, but it likely won't be long before these new community features roll out on iOS and the best Android phones.

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