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Evo 4G root instructions are here!

The Evo 4G was rooted some days ago, and we finally have instructions. And it couldn't be easier. If you're new to this, we suggest you read through the thread at XDA Developers. And then read through it again. And after you think you don't have any more questions, read through it one more time. (Note: THIS WILL WIPE YOUR PHONE.) For the advanced, it's this simple:

1. Download this file ( Move it to the root (as in top level) of the Evo's storage card.2. Turn the phone off. Once it is, hold down the volume button and the power button until you get a white screen and some text. You're now in the bootloader. It should automatically start checking the file you put on the card.3. Once it's done, it'll list all the images on the card and ask if you want to flash. (This is your last chance to back out.) Say yes, and we're on our way. It'll look like this as it's going:

4. After it's done, it'll ask if you want to reboot. Surely.

That's it. You have a rooted ROM. You'll want to rename (or delete) the image file that you put on the card, so that next time you enter the bootloader it won't try to automatically update again. You can do that by plugging in the phone, choosing "HTC Sync" and going to your favorite command line prompt and typing:

adb shell mv /sdcard/ /sdcard/

Leave the phone plugged in if you want to go on to the next section and load the custom recovery. (After the break, for cleanliness.) Otherwise, you're done.

Flashing recovery for custom ROMs

If you're going to want custom ROMs on the Evo, you need to flash the recovery image. Here's how you do that.

1. Download this file (evorecovery) to your desktop (or wherever). Then unzip it.2. Return to your favorite command line prompt and type "adb reboot recovery" (without quotes). This will reboot the phone into recovery mode. It looks like this:

3. Once it's in recovery mode, go back to your computer. Find the evo-recovery file that you unzipped. Inside are a series of files. For Windows, double-click "recovery-windows.bat." (If you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click it first and choose "Run as administrator." Let it do it's thing, and you'll now have the custom recovery module so you can back up the phone, flash custom ROMs, etc.

That's it, everybody. Huge props to the folks at XDA and everybody who worked on this project. Once you're done here, head on over there and let them know how awesome they are.

  • yay
  • Thats what flashing a recovery image is for.
  • This is going to sound stupid, but if you root your EVO... can you reset it to factory if there's an issue...
  • You should be able to but I think someone has to test that - i haven't rooted my EVO (and won't for a few weeks). For back-to-factory stuff...
  • thanks for that link! ive never even heard of knowyourcell but it looks like a really great resource for android-beginners like me (or maybe even advanced users).
  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew this would happen... PreRelease... Awesome Day so far... Root and Cod Maps !!!!
  • One Question
    Once rooted and in the recovery image
    how do you move up and down? there is no track ball or optical sensor? Ok found the answer and am posting it here maby you guys should include this in your post
    Volume up/down moves through the list and Power selects.
  • Now all I'm missing is the EVO!!!
  • Question for all (and please excuse my newbieness). What are the benefits of rooting my evo tomorrow? I should say that I don't plan on flashing custom ROMs to my Evo as I think I like the whole Sense UI (for now anyway). I think I remember seeing that I could enable the mobile hotspot with root; so that would be a benefit if someone could confirm that. Also, will I have to root to be able to tether via USB? Thanks to anyone that answers! GO EVO 4G!
  • In your case, there is no reason to root Rooting is for when you are ready to try custom ROMS, and really tweak your experience. Heck I have an N1 and haven't rooted yet for the same reasons
  • If you root when you get the phone there are no disadvantages. It allows you to have more control over your phone for the future, and you can install apps that are blocked by the carrier (such as wifi tether, since obviously they want you to use their mobile hotspot app @ $30/mo)
    It will also allow you to remove stuff that you may not want on your phone such as that disgusting Nascar app...
  • If you have an N1 and you haven't rooted it yet, you're doing it wrong. The N1 is a phone that was meant to be rooted and tinkered with. Even if you think you're happy with the stock ROM, once you try one of Cyanogen's ROMs and you throw an OC-UV kernel into the mix (Pershoot makes the best IMHO), you won't regret it. Faster UI navigation, better performance overall, more options to personalize your phone and better battery life. Why wouldn't you want all of that? I just can't wait for Cyanogen to get his hands on the final build of Froyo. The N1 is going to absolutely scream when he optimizes Froyo.
  • I make no special claim to Android l33tness, but as I read the instructions on XDA, the procedure is going to wipe your phone to a blank slate mode. Any customization, downloaded apps, user data, etc is going to get wiped out. So by doing this tomorrow, BEFORE you spend a lot of time whacking the thing into shape, you'll avoid losing all that work. So if you contemplate rooting at some point anyway, why not do it right away? Even if (like me) you don't anticipate loading a custom ROM, root just gives you more control over your device. I'm intending to root for access to wireless tethering, and so I can delete the $*%& NASCAR and NFL apps that Sprint insists on shoving onto every phone.
  • This is SO frickin' awesome, and (to my recollection) unprecedented, to have a device (brilliantly) handed to 5000 or so developers prior to official release! To have the ability to root the phone the day I actually get it is amazing beyond words!
  • Excuse my Android newbie-ness (former Palm Pre owner), but what do you mean by "your favorite command line prompt..."? I've used command lines through webOS Quick Install, but what do you use in this case? Those are Linux commands, right? Again, if I'm asking a stupid question, go easy on me. I went to the XDA thread and there was no explanation of this on there, either.
  • You can run the commands through Windows command prompt just dine, I would gather that it will be just as easy through a Mac's command prompt too
  • Android is based in linux as webos is...i got the pre 365 days ago waited in line but no reaction as was with the evo...too bad webos reminds me of the best of android and iphoneOS ..i have an htc hero i plan on downgrading tnen modding..
  • So I'll need to root to install an advanced copy of Froyo? When? When? When??? I have to wait a week for upgrade purposes. No biggie. I'll read and learn and enjoy the final days of my super hacked up pre. Fruck HP!!
  • A video tutorials of all of these would be great for all the newbies like me! ;)
  • Not much to show in video, actually. It's that simple.
  • So can I use this phone on t-mobile network , after getting root ?
  • No Stop your Shenanigans!!! Don't Bastardize this phone with that network... I have T-mo and i'm dying waiting for these next 24 hrs!
  • No.. T-Mobile is a GSM carrier, whereas Sprint is a CDMA carrier. They use different radios (hardware) so it is literally impossible to do that.
  • And there is the principle of the matter... :|
  • Then I guess its the dell phone tablet for me. What do u guys suggest. Dell tablet , or N1 ???. It's around the same price.
  • With n1 yur gonna get the newest androud updates, but the dell is nwer but idk anything bout it, been paying att. To eVo
  • Noob here so please take it easy on me. Once the Evo is rooted, how does one find the route on deleting unwanted apps?
  • Sorry for the n00b question but what exactly does RUU stand for? I'm guessing this is the OEM ROM provided for emergency recovery or upgrades??
  • Sorry for the n00b question. But will rooting allow you to update the software to Froyo?
  • Now we just need it for the Incredible! We're waiting patiently (impatiently).
  • @ JFELECTRON Yes, you can now use Froyo if you are successful at rooting it. What I'd like to know is if there are any new Roms yet available? Or is it just the Froyo 2.2 update so far? Also i'm using a Mac, can i still do the Flash-recovery?
  • Will rooting the phone break anything? Will the mobile hotspot work immediately, or will we need to wait for a hack for that? Will our phones lose any identification that will hinder anything?
  • Do I need to turn my SDCard into a "Gold Card" for this rooting procedure to work ?
  • Android Central HELP!!! LEARN ME SOMETHIN'!!! Help me learn all there is to know about ROOTING and I will be indebted to you forever! I want to Root this thing manana... but I don't know WTF these posts are talking about: --> "once you try one of Cyanogen's ROMs and you throw an OC-UV kernel into the mix (Pershoot makes the best IMHO)"
    --> "flashing a recovery image"
    --> "Cod Maps"
    --> "enable the mobile hotspot with root"
    --> "custom ROMS" HOW DO I GET THESE?
    --> "deleting unwanted PRELOADED apps"
    --> "RUU & OEM ROM"
    --> and I want the FROYO goodness ASAP!
  • How do you do this on a Mac? I'm coming from an iPhone. How do I get all my Apps back after I do this? Sorry to sound like a noob. I know nothing about Android, Sprint, or HTC. Thanks!
  • I'm jumping ship tomorrow along with my girl, and 7 of my friends. So question! If i root my phone? will my contacts still be saved??
  • Your contacts and everything else except (probably) the SDcard will be erased, however when you put in your account information after you reboot all of your contacts will come back 'from the cloud' and all of your paid for apps will be ready for free re-download. of the beauties of Android. Never worry about your contacts getting lost in your phone ever again.
  • alright alright. i have a problem. it says "error: device not found" in the command prompt after typing adb commands. Why isn't my computer recognizing or finding my device? please somebody tell me what the problem could be so i can successfully root this baby. thanks
  • so exactly how are you supposed to move it to the root of the sd?
    is there a command prompt app that we are supposed to use?
  • I'm sure simply mounting it as a removable storage device and drag-n-dropping it in the 'root directory' (that's the first folder you see when you open up a drive) will be more than sufficient. Same for Linux, Windows, Mac, *BSD, BeOS, WindowsNT, etc etc etc...
  • I took tomorrow off but it's a busy season so my boss begged me to work. I agreed. However I can still leave to get my phone. Since I'll be starting at 4am I was bummed to find out I'd have to wait until my RS opened at 8am to get my phone, however I just found out that they bumped it up to 6am. Now I get to leave work at 5:15am, and thankfully 6am is a far more inconvenient hour than 8am for most people...since I'll already be awake it'll be a snap to get there for 5:30 with time to spare. They said there would be a "huge line", somehow I expect that to be 5-6 other people, I'm sure that's huge for them...I'll have my laptop in the truck and root it in the parking lot. Hell, I'll offer that service to everyone in line with me... however, if they are geeky enough to be up at 5:30am waiting in line for a god damned cellphone they are sure geeky enough to use this amazingly simple root method and likely reading this thread. can't wait.
  • i can't believe this gets rooted before the Dinc FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
  • New to Android, but I have a question that will make me decide to root the device or not. I won't install Froyo, since I can wait for that, but If I root Evo 4G, will I still have Sense UI on it? Tethering is Awesome, and that's the reason for rooting the phone for me, but I want the device to feel like its out of the box.
  • I've seen this asked a few times but no direct answer. Will rooting the phone cause any feature to break or change anything at all (other then opening it up of course)?? I'm coming from a Palm Pre where rooting and installing patches, tweaks, etc was very easy. Rooting the Pre made zero visible changes. I'm looking to do the same here, but downloading a 100+mb file seems like I'm completely wiping the phone and installing a custom or modified ROM. Is this the case? If so whats the difference between this ROM and the default one? I dont want to take away any functionality from my current build. I also dont want to break anything or have issues down the road. I just want more options like i had with my pre, but I'm unsure of exactly whats going on here. Thanks!
  • I've looked all over the place and can't find a straightforward YES/NO to this question either - If I root and install Froyo on the HTC EVO, can I do a hard reset in the future and bring the EVO back to current 2.1 factory settings? Google should come out with a Palm WebOS style "Doctor" that bring's everything back to factory settings.
  • Hey day one palm pre user here...
    Anyway they have similar to the webos doctor they call them
    Well it starts with ruu.
    Its like a wizard that will install a certain build of reminds me of when youd actually have to gain root with the pre, then preware ca,e out, if only the webos internalz guys came over, Ruu image
  • Greetings all. Is anyone else experiencing a degraded performance after rooting using the above file? I can't say for sure, but the EVO doesn't seem quite as smooth after rooting. I didn't install a custom ROM, just the initial zip and loaded it via bootloader followed by a reboot. Also, general EVO observation... it seems to suck through memory like nobody's business. From Advanced Task Killer if I kill off almost everything except 5 or 6 things I only have 170mb of available memory. That doesn't seem like much. If I fool around in the app store and download a bunch of apps I've seen it get as low as 40 something and then it really runs like sh*%, especially in trying to browse through Seesmic. Just curious if I'm imagining it, or if there may be a problem with the initial posted file.
  • This my sound stupid..1st is there a way how to Restore my phone to Factory OS or does someone have the **.Zip Files or a Backup of the OS.
    I'm new to Android. did root my phone but did some dumb shit i think or didn't do it correctly. Now all i get is the Bootscreen of SPrint & after show's 4G then reboot's over n over. anyone can help me..
  • by the way forgot to back up the phone b4 doing all this. crap! Can anyone help me.
  • Some hopefully helpful tips from a Rooting noob (came from the WinMo side of things):
    Under Flashing Recovery Custom Roms it says 2. Return to your favorite command line prompt and type "adb reboot recovery"
    I had to type in adb-windows reboot recovery" to get it to work. I just pulled up the good old command window in Windows, navigated to the folder where I'd extracted the evo-recovery zip to and then you type in that command. Once you do that and it gets into the Recovery console make sure you choose to "Wipe data/factory reset" and then when that's complete choose "Wipe Dalvik-cache". Then hit Return and Load from Zip file (I think that was what it was called) and then load your custom rom which you already should have copied to your SD card. When I tried it the first time I hadn't wiped the device or the dalvik-cache and I got stuck in an infinite loop sequence (scary) but I just yanked the battery and went back into the bootloader/recovery module to start again. Good times :)
  • HI,
    I am totally, totally new to this, but I felt in love with the Sprint HTC EVO 4G. As I am not living in the us, I want to know if doing the process described above will allow me to use the phone on another carrier, an overseas CDMA carrier, sprint not available in this country.
    Thank you!!!
  • *IMPORTANT*IMPORTANT*IMPORTANT* After recent update (03JUN2010) this no longer works. after "checking" "update failed, update is older version" or something to that effect.
    VERY dissapointed :-/ anyone know a way around this? or have access to more updated root? or maybe even a way to remove recent update?
  • Check the evo hack/rom forum, they have cracked the latest OTA finally.
  • Hi Im very new for android from iphone. I try to install Market-enabler to my Evo but here is the problem...
    First, do I have to root? If I root to 2.2 then lose 4G and camera function etc? Second, Market-enabler there is setting for GSM operator numeric...I dont see sprit for the setting...and cant find the sprint number.
    Even EVO is not GSM phone, how do I set it??? or dont work with Evo yet? Please help me out!!!
    Thank you
  • Ok, I had a question. I just did the OTA 2.2 Froyo update, and it looks like Sprint is going to be charging for the hotspot feature even though it's native to the OS. 1.) Can I root with 2.2? 2.) If so, can I follow the instructions on this page? 3.) If anyone else has a evo w/ 2.2 have you been able to access the hotspot feature? 4.) If I do root w/ 2.2 will I be able to get access to the hotspot feature? Thanks for anyone's help.
  • I have followed the instructions here to root my phone. It goes through all of the processes but when I run ROM manager, it says it does not find super user. Do I need to set up something to get super user and be truly rooted?? Please help!!!
  • I know this is kinda late, but that's it? That's all there is to it? Just put the zip on your card and reboot?
  • I have a few questions. I actually love the Sense UI, infact I think its the easiest and sexiest one out there. My problem is all the stupid apps that are bundled with the phone that I dont need. I simply want the ability to delete them, especially the crappy BlockBuster App! 1) So will rooting the phone delete Sense UI?
    2) How do I backup all the phones content like phone numbers and stuff so I can just reinstall them later. Is that even possible?
    3) When rooting, does it delete all the info off the SD Card also?
  • Okay, so since the EVO updated to gingerbread I've been wanting to root my EVO. And I tried this method a few times and I can't get it to root. It is my first time rooting. I get a failed and reboot option instead of a flash option. Do I need to download a newer file to root my EVO now...? If so, where can I find the file. I would like to install Cyanogenmod. Someone help please.... Thanks
  • I guess we are on our own here. But i did a little searching and came up with this. Hopefully this gets someone's attention.
  • Ok, i read all the threads n theres nothing about unrooting the evo. If there is, where do i find it and also how do u root if u have the latest update on ur phone. I just had my phone replaced. Thanx, and the help is much appreciated.
  • the pc36 file wont work on my evo
  • Hey Morons! How about a link to the goddamn file!
  • I have a whole lot of stupid questions because my brilliant self just decided to do my own htc evo's because....why not? The only thing I can do is "F" them up and that's how you learn ...or kill a bunch of cell fones right? Anyhow, first of all, I had my fone "Flashed" supposedly on line over the computer and I don't believe it is really a "flash" because all the carriers bull---- is still in it and the hotspot doesn't work, although I know that is pretty easy to remedy. However, it did load with another pre-paid unlimited carrier and they called and welcomed me and it did give me a new number so...what has been done to it anyhow?? It works fine but I figure it is some kind of partial flash right? I am waiting for the 30 days to run out that were put on it to see if it carries on like it has been or just quits working or what?!? Also, there are files left in my computer if that will tell anybody anything? It's not a big deal but you know the saying curiousity killed the cat ??? Well...I have always been that cat ! I just want to know what was really done to my fone and this guy won't return any messages now! (yah, imagine that) Thank you for anyone who takes the time to apease me and my naturally "need to know" nature !!! and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place....It was the only place I saw to "click". lol jewelz