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Evleaks: 'HTC M7 coming to market as simply the HTC One'

Well here's an interesting rumor to end the week on -- notorious Twitter leaker @Evleaks is claiming that HTC's upcoming high-end handset, codenamed M7, will come to market as simply "HTC One." Not One X II, not One Y or One Z, just HTC One.

The M7 codename leaked out late last year, and in the absence of any official branding, it's been the only name we've had to refer to the upcoming HTC flagship. The use of "HTC One" would keep things simple, while not putting to waste the brand awareness that HTC's built over the past twelve months. (Also remember that HTC CEO Peter Chou was caught leading chants of "HTC One!" right after "M7!" at a recent company party.)

Evleaks has a good track record when it comes to pre-release leaks and rumors, but we'd still take this with a pinch of salt until we hear the official word from HTC on Feb. 19.

In the meantime, how would you feel about picking up an "HTC One" later this year? Share your thoughts on the possibility down in the comments!

Source: @Evleaks on Twitter

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex is global Executive Editor for Android Central, and is usually found in the UK. He has been blogging since before it was called that, and currently most of his time is spent leading video for AC, which involves pointing a camera at phones and speaking words at a microphone. He would just love to hear your thoughts at, or on the social things at @alexdobie.

  • Cue Neo.
  • Haha! I was thinking "the Neo phone."
  • Let's see if this actually means anything or if there will still be 15 different names across the different carriers...
  • Yeah, I'm with you on this one. Wonder if Sprint will drop the EVO name? I doubt it...
  • As successful as the OG Evo was htc should have used the evo name for their entire high end line.
  • Isn't the Evo name owned or part-owned by Sprint?
  • Yes. And the Evo always has more/better features than the similar models offered on other carriers. The latest example would be the Evo LTE, which is a ONE X, but with a larger battery, an SD card slot, a camera button, a kickstand, a replaceable back top plate, and a kickstand. It wouldn't make much sense (no pun intended) to use the "Evo" name on a model that is absolutely identical to a phone on another carrier. That said, I still support having the same models on all carriers- it worked very well for Samsung and I hope that the other manufacturers got the message. As for the name "HTC One", I think it is stupid. That makes the newer model sound OLDER than the One X, One X+, One V, etc...
  • Probably so, not sure though, maybe just in the US being that OG evo and evo 3d were released on a few oversea carriers using the same evo name.
  • Sprint HTC EVO Epic LTE Touch 2X+ One.
  • ... YES. rofl
  • HTC One X was called HTC One X everywhere. (Except the LTE One XL)
  • *RECORD SCRATCH* Ah hell na. EVO 4G LTE.
  • Another new rumor for phone names is now the Motorola x will be called the Motorola Nexus X
  • Breaking: HTC's mid-range offering for 2013 to be called the "HTC Only." HTC will make the One and Only announcement at MWC 2013.
  • LOL
  • Just stick with M7 HTC..
  • Meh
  • I'll stick with Samsung. You can call it One, Won, Wun, Wan, I, 1, or whatever you want to. It will take forever to get Android Updates. And for that, I can't even bother with HTC anymore.
  • Really? Pretty sure my HTC EVO 4G LTE was updated to Jelly Bean right around the same time as the GSIII.
  • Then again... HTC Thunderbolt has been running Gingerbread since September 2011 and is only now just getting ICS in February 2013.
  • That's because Verizon sucks. Take the Galaxy Nexus for example. The Sprint version is still getting updates but the Verizon version isn't. Big Red just sucks when it comes to customer and vendor relationships. BTW, I still use a Thunderbolt :p
  • The EVO LTE just got jelly bean a little over a month ago! The GS3 had it long before we did.
  • Your math is a bit whacked. Jellybean came out TWO months ago for the Evo LTE. FYI- the Verizon GS3 was updated to Jelly Bean at the same time as the Evo LTE. The AT&T GS3 was updated to Jelly Bean a MONTH AFTER THE EVO LTE. Perhaps you were looking at the non-USA phones?
  • I'm pretty sure he meant just the GS3 on Sprint. As it was the 1st one to get jellybean which to my recall was a few months before the Evo LTE which is also on Sprint which is why he said what he said.
  • I got the update on my sprint gs3 in October....... Quite a while before my roommates ego late.
  • And GS2 is now running JB in many countries. How many Sensations have been upgraded to JB?
  • Unless things have changed in the past year (I'm still on my OG Evo) HTC was MUCH faster with updates than Samsung.
  • Things have definitely changed. Samsung is king right now! HTC sucks with updates.
  • Your carrier sucks with updates. Don't lay that baby at HTC's door step. My International HOX got updates well before any carrier phone, because they came direct.
  • I am still waiting for ICS coming to Samsung Droid Charge. Would you like to take a guess when ICS will arrive Samsung Droid Charge?
  • I'm so sorry. I think that's a lost cause.
  • Seriously how many CEOs lead chants? He must think he employs idiots, or that he leads a cult.
  • walmart.....*hurl*
  • Asian business culture is very different from that of America... this sort of thing is not that uncommon. In some plants, CEOs are the first to arrive, open the door and greet every employee who comes in, and are the last ones to leave.
  • It was Year End Party. I think Peter have 1 drink too much.
  • +1 Give that man some cake.
  • One word: BING!
  • The M7 is just like a retooled Windows Phone 8X!!! I have one, I love it!! Converted a few of you 'Droid bots & iSheep.. Bing it baby!!!
  • Alex what are you more excited for the Sony Xperia Z or the new HTC ONE?
  • The Xperia Z looks really nice. Can't say anything about the M7/One as I haven't seen it yet.
  • I would love to have it instead of this buggy GS3. I dont care about removable batteries or sd cards. I miss my One X.
  • Why did you get rid of it?
  • I moved and had to switch from att to verizon to be able to get any service.
  • If true, I would think this would lead to some confusion. So HTC One is newer and better than HTC One X and HTC One+? Most people will be thinking about how Motorola uses "X" on the next model.
  • My very first thought as soon as I read the the article. I think it's big mistake.
  • My bet is on "ONE X++", "ONE X2" or "ONE χ"
  • One
    /\ Edit: This looked better when I was typing the comment.
  • ..because we know the final name for Motorola's phone is the X? Just saying.
  • Probably not a very smart move. I've not been paying much attention to HTC's offerings, but I thought there was an HTC One before? I think the avg public will similarly be confused and mistaken this new phone for an old phone. These people who names these phones, they are some of the most clueless people, it seems.
  • No, there was an Nexus ONE, made by HTC, but not an HTC ONE. I don't think people will mistake a shiny new phone with a large stunning display on the shelves for an old one when they actually see it.
  • Apparently there's already a whole bunch of HTC One * phones: HTC One X, One S, One SV, One VX, One X, One X+. Why would they (HTC) want to purposefully make things so confusing?
  • Maybe because the average smartphone buyer is not that easily confused.
  • Is this sarcasm?
  • Yeah.. that's what Palm Pre- being a new phone when there was already other Palms. What type of name was "Pre" to excite people. I bought one though... :P
  • Their marketing team sucks, but I love my One X
  • They should name the phone "HTC Two X" and launch it on all U.S. carriers with no variations. But the truth is....this phone is not to special. Someone with a One X, One X+ or Evo 4G LTE won't be lusting after this phone. They should have made it 5 inches and provide a removable battery and a micro sd card. The software will need to be enhanced considerably to compete with the GS3's enhanced features. HTC I wish you luck but this phone won't get you out of the financial hole you are in. You need a 5" Flagship phone on all carriers and it should be released at the same time as the Galaxy S4. That way everyone knows it is in direct competition with Samsung's Flagship.
  • Yeah, that would be great to get that shiny new "HTC XXX" in 2014. The tagline could be "bigger, faster, harder. . . HTC XXX!"
  • Peter Chou should hire you for "Marketing X" in stead of "Marketing 2.0"
  • We'll see if they will shoot themselves in the foot again with lame battery and storage.
    As for me I'm looking forward to the Note III, but I still want HTC to succeed.
  • You can use your real name "LeBron James". HTC is better for regular size people. Note2 is for people of 6'8" or taller.
  • Um, the battery in the One X and EVO LTE is not "lame", there was only one phone with a longer lasting battery on the market- and that was the Razor Maxx. And exactly how is the HTC Evo LTE's storage lame? It has an SD slot and you can have 80GB of storage, the same as the GS3. You are generalizing ALL HTC phones as some one model in your head, perhaps??
  • Meh, my sights are set on the GS4 unless HTC can convince me otherwise. And its not the quality of the phone that hinders them its the lack of availability that hurts them. Unless they can get the One or the M7 into every major carriers hands with no additional variants then they could easily compete. Problem is I don't think they have that kind of leverage they had back in 2010. Either way good luck to you HTC i'll be tuning in Feb 19th for the press release. Maybe you can bring me back i haven't owned a HTC phone since the OG Evo.
  • Exactly
  • This is the most important thing HTC needs to learn. They need to make at least their high end phone available on EVERY major carrier and without carrier intervention or relabeling. Otherwise all their marketing efforts are going to fail. Apple knew this. Samsung learned it. It is time for HTC and Motorola to learn it next.
  • It's easy for us to say it. But it's very difficult for HTC to execute. They probably want the same halo phone on every carrier but paraphrasing Phil on Google+, "what has HTC done to be able to dictate that demand to the carriers?" Apple and Samsung flooded the market with devices people (as in the general buying public vs. us, the posters at Android Central) wanted. Apple got there because they're Apple. And Samsung got there by building the Galaxy brand. Note: I leave Motorola out because now with Google backing, it's only a matter of time. There really is only two routes for Motorola - get their halo phone(s) on ever carrier with backing by Google OR close up the hardware shop and prove that it was all about the patents. I think we all want HTC to have their halo phone across all carriers. But it really is easier said than done.
  • Indeed. I don't think it is that hard. Sure, it's a risk because you have to forego some carrier money that greases the HTC engine. But if the phone is good, focus on three core HTC phone models, no more, no less, and sell it completely carrier-bulls**t free. Once HTC update to rule them all, each time the update comes out. All the chanting in the world won't help until HTC at least ~starts~ to approach this strategy. But this is mainstream business in our new wild digital world (or what nots) so who knows. I really do like my HTC One X, and I hope HTC doesn't botch things. If the HTC M7 has Tegra 4, boy oh boy... A well executed HTC phone with 4.2 and 4.3, no carrier nonsense, with Tegra 4 ~ tell me this can't be super successful. But again, what do I know, I don't run a 1000-10000's-staff company.
  • If you're not the iPhone, you'll need some carrier bull to be super successful. Yes, even the Galaxy S III gets loaded with carrier bloatware.
  • Agreed only Apple can keep the carrier bloatware off of their beloved iPhone. Samsung is king of Android but not high enough to say no bloatware at all. The thing that gets me is HTC should have seen this like Samsung did 2 years ago with the Galaxy line. They slowly made it successful and made it their brand name, now the 1st phone that comes to mind when you think of android is the Galaxy. HTC doesn't have brand recognition and that hurts them, not only with consumers who want their phones but with updates to. I remember a time when Samsung sucked at updates and HTC was king, now the tables have turned and Samsung believe it or not updates very quick (well at least their flagship phones). Why you ask well because outside of the GS3 and the Note2 they don't have many other phones in the spotlight to worry about. HTC on the other hand has a lot of flagship phones to focus on one team for the One X one for the One X+ one for the Evo LTE one for the One S..... see where I am going with this. Yea I know carriers get in the way but look at the GS3 on sprint it had Jelly bean before the EVO LTE did and it came out after. A lot of the GS3 phones in the US had jelly bean before a lot of the HTC phones. Less equals more at this point HTC you must realize this. WE need HTC to get back on its feet because competition is great for us as consumers.
  • It will probably have HTC's UI on it. No thanks, I want to stick to stock Android UI.
  • That's what devs are for and flagship HTC phones usually have great dev support.
  • Your devices should only be Nexus devices then. Move along.
  • We don't know for sure what Sense 5 is going to be like. Also, the skin I have on my EVO 4G LTE looks just like the stock Jelly Bean launcher. I'm on the stock Sense 4 launcher, I just downloaded the skin from the Play Store. I am not even rooted.
  • The problem with htc is that they branded the One as the top phone last year and then came out with the One S, X,Y,Z 123...Apple brands their phone simply the "iPhone" you don't here people say "do you have a iPhone3 4 or 5 they just say iPhone. HTC put out to many devices that were the exact same to many (maybe a little different but not enough to label them differently) which confused buyers. Keep it simple htc and you will go further. Start with the different branding of the same phone and you will find yourself in the same mess as last year.
  • Apple says iPhone, but each new model is branded. I do hear people differentiate by the full name or dropping the iPhone label. Ex: "Is that the new 5?" in reference to the iPhone 5. Samsung has the same thing going on with their main line (Galaxy S III/Note 2).
  • Does anyone else feel a much reduced sense of excitement for new phones now since last year? If you, like me, have either an HTC One X/EVO variant, or SG3 or a GNex or Nexus4...really what more can these new phones do in 2013 that ours can't that makes a meaningful difference in daily use? It feels like the smartphone has matured on nearly every platform (BB..cough!) that any of use that gift a rat's a** about smartphones enough to read these blogs already have such incredibly capable phones now. I don't see anything in the M7 or a new Sammy or LG that would really make much difference for me.
    Incremental development seems to be the case now, you know?
  • Yes and no. I could easily stay with my current GS3 for another year, but as my wife is tired of using her Droid 3 and wants an upgrade (my GS3) I am eagerly awaiting the GS4 press release. -Suntan
  • So your wife only deserves hand-me-down phones? Sup with that?
  • ^^Haha
  • As of last year it's just a marketing war. More pixels, more megapixels, emphasis on productivity and emphasis on "sharing with the people you care about"... that type of stuff. That and simplifying your product line with a recognizable name. Some of the other companies were a little late to the game but Sammy and Apple are leading the pack with "iPhone" and "Galaxy" so it's time to play catch-up and if this rumor is true HTC is running with "One"
  • I tend to agree with you. Even my 2 year old, forgotten by Verizon, Thunderbolt still does 99% of what I need and runs all the apps and games I care about. The only thing I'm excited about for my upgrade is a bigger screen and/or better battery life.
  • I've been thinking about this for awhile now. For me it's still a big deal cause I'm a generation behind. The Galaxy S2 is a great phone, but I'm really looking forward to upgrading it. For me there's a few things that really differentiate phones now. 1) battery life, battery life, BATTERY LIFE! Having to worry about the next moment I can charge phone really sucks, and a lot of the time I'll not listen to music, watch videos, take pictures or do other things with my phone purely because of this. Granted GS3 and HTC ONE X are better about this than my phone, but it still doesn't have enough.
    2) bezel could still get a little smaller. A 5" screen with nearly NO bezel would likely be the perfect size for me. Potentially they'll have wrap around screens, but that's not even a consideration for me right now.
    3) The HTC One X camera is awesome, but cameras could still get slightly better.
    4) This is more a comment about android, but I would love for there to be a way to backup EVERYTHING on the phone without rooting it. I don't get why we don't have this yet. I'd guess that after the points above get completed, I'll be a happy camper and the next big thing will be folding screens and other futuristic type features at which point we'll have a whole new set of hardware to compare against.
  • Tegra 4. That's my "juice" for 2013. Don't worry too much about the excitement, for 2013 will see Android go from early-adopters to "early majority". It's a big year for Android, where it will start to assault the bastion that is US-iPhone-market-share. A lot of people have their iPhone5s and iPad Minis and indeed those products have merit, but I certainly feel a ton of Apple users are starting to "peek over the fence".
  • HTC Evo GPWB (Great Phone Weak Battery)
  • Really? Compared to what? I feel like it's stellar on battery and don't know what is really much better. Like anything, it depends alot on how you use it with 3G/LTE/Wifi though.
  • Excuse me, Mr. ignorant "bumpandrun", but the Evo LTE's battery was *best in class* of *any* phone released within several months before or after. The only phone with a longer stock battery life being the Razor Maxx.
  • Hmmm... this sounds familiar
  • I think this will probably be my next phone. My upgrade is at the end of February so I'll probably be getting this phone. I want to wait for Keylime Pie, but it's too far off.
  • M7 = HTC One
    M4 = HTC One mini
    G2 = HTC Desire
  • Makes complete sense (sorry) as long as it will be the HTC One on all carriers (only different radios/frequencies for carriers) and updates flow to all devices (regardless of carrier) at the same time.
  • Ok, Mikey, your assignment is to put a gun to the head of each carrier to force them to offer the HTC phones in spite of the bribes being paid to them by Samsung. Post back when you got that done, Ok?
  • For the general buying public, updates are usually an irrelevant part of their purchasing decision.
  • But it affects ~return customers~ for sure.
  • Does it really? Even for return customers, I'd argue it's pretty insignificant. My friends and family haven't been moving to the Galaxy S III because they're previous phones weren't being updating. They got the Galaxy S III because that's what they heard about.
  • HTC One Kenobi!
  • I thought they just hired a new marketing guy and he came up with this...
  • with all the crap going on with htc...
    rare updates...
    stocks falling...
    disrespecting devs....
    i don't think ill be buying one of their devices anytime soon...
    my evo 3d has served me well but ill be sticking to pure nexus from now on...
  • Makes Sense since the One series seems to have become HTC's flagship phone over the EVO. HTC could use creating one line of brand to compete better with Samsung's Galaxy line. On a side note I also feel much comfortable about the idea of Sense 5 coming to the EVO LTE if the M7 does indeed turn out to be the HTC ONE.
  • I want HTC to succeed, however, they need to get with the program. They were rising to the top when the Hero came out, and were on top of the world when the Nexus One and Evo 4G came out. Hell, the Evo 4G actually caused Sprint to retain more customers than leave each quarter. Their sense overlay hasn't really changed much since it came out. Plus, it's bloated and lags the device, compared to most other overlays. I loved sense in the early versions, but after playing around with some of the newer ones, it seems stale. Their hardware isn't the problem. It's their software, and for the dev community, the watermarked boot loader nonsense.
  • I kind of disagree. I think HTC has made steps to improve Sense, but just not to where the community is happy with it. They got rid of that hideous 3 button launcher and went back to the traditional 4 custom buttons + app draw layout, and they have scaled back on the bloatware. It is the best looking overlay compared to anything else on Android IMO and that goes for overlays and launchers. The problem like you've said it that it can be slow at times. It is integrated way too heavily into the OS to begin with it. I've always thought manufacturers should put their overlays and custom stuff (widgets, etc) on top of the OS, but not have it integrated. It would allow them to use stock Android as a base and allow for faster upgrades, as well as giving consumers the option to add what they want. That is why I'm keeping a close eye on Motorola's XPhone. I think that phone has the potential to pull a lot of customers away from other manufactures.
  • I'm going with "One X" sounds superior to just "One". They need to start a new line. Of course, they could call it the "One Two", with the next top phone being the "One Three". That wouldn't be confusing.
  • Honestly I'm not even excited about any of these phones not to trying to troll but the Windows phone caught my eye I'm thinking of trying it out when it comes to Sprint if I end up liking it I'll jump back and forth between the WP8 and my EvoltE
  • Lol HTC just shot themselves in the foot with that name.
  • Verizon - HTC DROID ONE
    Sprint - HTC EVO ONE
    Everyone else - HTC ONE
  • Eh, actually it will make things even more complicated.
    Somebody tells you they have an HTC One. Did they mean it, or did they just forget to add the X/X+/S/V/SV ?
  • That's gonna make searching for a case a bit of a pain... Results will be flooded with one x cases...
  • Behold! A HD Quad-core phone is coming soon on feb 14, for sub $250!
  • That thing looks thicker than a Kin.
  • It actually isn't, but there is another on which has come the Zen Ultrafone, that looks much more better in terms of looks and specs than this, see the list of all here,
  • I own an HTC One X. We are well into February 2013 and I still do not have Jelly Bean. I am sick and tired of it, and also upset that HTC promised the update would occur in October 2012!!! . . . a blatant lie. From now on I will only be buying Android phones that have stock Android and I am willing to even sacrifice a bit of hardware superiority for it.
  • Just use the freakin Butterfly name.
    X-Butterfly, get the point.
    Google uses pastry names, HTC can use animals.