Amazon Event 2019

We're on hand in Seattle at Amazon HQ, where Amazon just dropped a season's worth of new hardware on us. There are new Amazon Echo speakers. A new Echo Show. New routers from Eero. New cameras from Ring. A cool little Alexa thing that will be great in the bathroom.

Oh, and Amazon's getting experimental on us with a new "Day 1 Edition" line — products that are feature-complete and fully baked, but maybe just not quite ready for mass audiences yet.

There's a lot to go through, for sure. And some of it's available to order now, and some will have to wait until later this fall.

Ready? Let's do this.

Echo Dot with Clock

Echo Dot Clock

It's an Echo Dot! It's a Clock! It's an Echo Dot with a Clock built in! Amazon says that its customers ask Alexa "What time is it?" a billion times a year, more or less. So this one makes sense for all kinds of reasons. When the alarm sounds, you'll just have to tap the top to snooze it.

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Amazon says the existing Echo Dot will continue to be available.

The Echo Dot With Clock is $59 and is available for preorder now.

What time is it?

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Now even more perfect for your nightstand.

The smallest and most affordable Echo speaker now comes with an LED clock, and when an alarm comes up, you can tap the top to snooze it.

New Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo 2019

Amazon has taken the sound architecture from last year's Echo Plus and built it in to the standard Echo. It's got new fabric designs — including Twilight Blue.

You can preorder the new Amazon Echo today for $99.

Time to upgrade

Amazon Echo (3rd gen)

Better sound and cooler colors.

The 3rd gen Echo is built for better sound with a softer, plusher look that comes in four colors, including the soft new Twilight Blue.

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio

You want a high-end Amazon Echo? You're getting a high-end Amazon Echo. This one has "unbelievable sound," Amazon says. It's one of those newfangled "3D sound experiences, too, like Dolby Atmos. And Amazon has Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group all on board from the content end of things.

The Echo Studio is roughly the same size as an Apple HomePod. You can pair a couple together and throw in an Amazon Echo Sub for a proper Fire TV surround system. It'll model the room with built-in microphones (again, like Apple and Google do) and adjust the sound accordingly.

There's a directional tweeter in the front for the high end. And a 5.25-inch bass driver and port (because you've gotta move air for better bass!) at the bottom.

You can preorder the Amazon Echo Studio today for $199.

Amazon Echo Studio

Big sound

Amazon Echo Studio

Great alone, or with friends

The Echo Studio is about providing the best sound possible. And it can do so on its own — or you can pair it with another Echo Studio and Echo Sub for a great Fire TV surround sound experience.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8

You love the 10-inch Amazon Echo Show. You love the 5-inch Amazon Echo Show 5, which is the fastest-growing Echo product ever, Amazon says. Now it's time for the Amazon Echo Show 8.

It'll feature the same privacy shutter over the camera as the Echo 5.

The Echo Show 8 is $129 and is up for preorder today. It'll ship in time for the holidays.

The Echo Show line is getting some new general features, too. You'll now be able to drop in on every Echo Show in the house at once — if you dare.

Meet me in the middle

Amazon Echo Show 8

Not too big, not too little, this size is just right.

The Echo Show comes to a more natural size that's easier to place than the 10-inch Echo Show but still comfy enough to watch recipes and videos on. most rooms.

Amazon Echo Glow

Amazon Echo Glow

So your kid wants something in their room, but you don't want them to have an Echo Show 5 just yet. Enter the Amazon Echo Glow.

It's a $29 night-light that links wirelessly to an Amazon Echo. Lights will play along with the music. Campfire Mode will simulate a campfire. Tap the Glow to cycle through the colors.

The Echo Glow is up for preorder now will ship in time for the holidays.

Cool for kids

Amazon Echo Glow

Coolest night light ever.

Designed with kids in mind, the Echo Glow is a smart lamp that changes its brightness and color using just your voice. It's perfect as a night light, alarm companion, or for sprucing up a living room fort!

New Eero mesh routers

Amazon Eero 2019

Amazon purchased mesh-router company Eero earlier this year, much to the chagrin of many. But today we've got new hardware.

The all-new Eero can be set up in 10 minutes or less, Amazon says, which should take most of the frustration out of the router setup experience. (And hopefully not require folks have to more than a basic rudimentary understanding of networking.) The system still provides whole-home mesh coverage, in which multiple nodes work together instead of a single broadcast point.

It's a dual-band setup, has adaptive backhaul, and works with Eero Secure.

The new Eero is $99 today for a single node. You can get a three-pack for $249. It'll come to Europe later this year for €279/£249.

Amazon also is throwing new Alexa Wifi controls at things, to make it easier to control your system. So you can use your voice to turn off specific devices, or pause Wifi altogether. And it's not just for Eero — Amazon's got an API for other manufacturers to include. ASUS and TP-Link are on board, with Arris and Linksys coming in 2020.

Mesh networking

Eero 2019

All-new Eero Mesh Router

Even easier mesh networking

You should be able to set up this faster, smarter Eero in less than 10 minutes, which is saying something for any kind of networking.

Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex

Want an Echo Dot in a place that's not really made for an Echo Dot? Say, like, the bathroom? That's the Echo Flex.

The plug is built in, so everything mounts in one fell swoop. It's got a speaker and microphone optimized for Alexa voice, but not music. There are built-in USB ports so you can charge whatever needs to be charged without taking up another outlet, and there are software and hardware APIs for accessories.

The Echo Flex is available today for $24.99. There's an optional motion sensor and smart night light that you can plug into in the bottom, and they're $14 each.

Flexible feature set

Amazon Echo Flex

Smart speaker, charger, and sensor in one.

The Amazon Echo Flex is a unique new offering that allows you to bring Alexa to tighter spaces where an Echo Dot might not fit. You can also use it as a USB charger or a smart home sensor.

New Ring cameras

Ring Indoor Cam

And, of course, we've got new kit from Ring today! (You'll recall that Amazon now owns Ring.)

First up is the Ring Indoor Cam. (Which has been leaking itself all of the FCC of late.) It's Ring's first indoor camera. It's tiny. It can go darn near anywhere. And it's $59, available today.

There's also a new Ring Stick Up Cam. It's priced down to $99, which is a good thing.

And later this year, Amazon says, the Ring software will get a "home mode" update that will automatically pause recording inside the house when you're at home. (For what it's worth, that's a thing Nest has pretty much always had.)

Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit

There's also a new Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit. It's a DYI setup that plugs into your old existing alarm system and will allow you to re-use those window and door sensors. You can add an alarm hub and add more sensors at will.

The Retrofit kit is $199, or you can pair it with a Ring Alarm Hub for $375.

Amazon Smart Oven

Amazon Smart Oven

Having already made a microwave, this is an obvious evolution. Sort of. Anyway — behold, the Amazon Smart Oven.

It's got everything the original microwave had, plus convection cooking and an air fryer. It can scan products and have cooking information automatically entered into the oven. It'll work with partner products and many Whole Foods 365 products.

The new Amazon Smart Oven is $249 and is available for preorder today. And every Smart Oven will come with an Echo Dot.

Cook it

Amazon Smart Oven

A newer, better smart oven

Amazon takes the good parts of its last microwave and beefs it up with air frying and convection oven cooking. It also comes with an Echo Dot for easy Alexa voice controls.

Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds

Who needs AirPods, anyway? The Amazon Echo Buds are $129. They offer up a hands-free Alexa experience. They've got a 5-hour battery life, with a case that'll charge them four additional times when it's topped off.

Amazon says the buds will have "world-class" noise reduction and incorporate Bose active-noise cancellation. You'll double-tap to turn that off and on, and for audio passthrough. And you'll be able to use them just fine with existing Android and iOS devices — just tap and hold to use Google Assistant or Siri.

The Buds are up for preorder today and will ship by the holidays.

Alexa on the go

Echo Buds

Alexa, lots of battery, and noise cancelation.

The Echo Buds are Amazon's first wireless earbuds, and they look pretty great. They're promising world-class noise reduction using Bose technology, hands-free Alexa access, and 5 hours of playback with the buds and another 20 hours in the charging case.

Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon Echo Frames

These spectacles are part of a new Day 1 Edition scheme, which lets folks try out new products that are feature-complete and interesting — but maybe not quite ready for the mass market just yet. (Hello, Galaxy Fold!)

The Echo Frames glasses don't have a heads-up display or a camera. But they do have Alexa built in to help augment your day via your voice. It'll pull the data from your phone, and directional microphones and speakers keep everything inside your own personal head space. (And you can turn off the mic whenever you want.)

A VIP filter will limit notifications to the truly important stuff, and there's touch control on the right side.

The Echo Frames are invite-only for now and will run $179.

Sneak peek frames

Amazon Echo Frames

Here's looking at you, Alexa.

This Day 1 Edition product will bring Alexa to you while out in the world in a discreet pair of microphone-embedded glasses that you'll need an invitation to buy.

Amazon Echo Loop

Amazon Echo Loop

This is another Day 1 Edition device, which means it's going to be cool, but maybe not for everyone.

The Echo Loop puts "information at your fingertips," Amazon said. (And, yes, we all groaned.) It's got a titanium frame, and a pair of microphones that are activated when you press a button.

There's a ridiculously small haptic engine inside that'll buzz you when notifications come in. You can use it to send a message or make an announcement over your Echos at home.

The Loop also is invite-only and runs $129.

Keep Alexa on hand

Amazon Echo Loop

Amazon Echo Loop

Take Alexa with you everywhere you go.

Have you ever wanted Alexa built into a ring you wear on your finger? That's what Echo Loop offers. You can use the ring to answer calls, get answers to quick questions, set reminders, and more. If you want to buy it, you'll need to request an invitation from Amazon.

Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon's also working on outdoor networking, which it calls Amazon Sidewalk. It's a new low-bandwidth network (but don't you dare say 5G) that uses existing 900MHz spectrum.

And, again, this isn't 5G. But the purpose is very similar. It's a way for devices to quickly talk to each other so you can keep track of things, or keep devices up to date. And it'll extend the distance you control things like lights and sensors.

Or, in a fun example, it could track a smart dog collar throughout the neighborhood.

The Sidewalk protocol is launching today for developers.

Alexa Auto

Amazon Auto

A tiny bit of news here: We've got new manufacturers on board in the form of GM, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC.

And newer cars can be updated to add Alexa Auto if the manufacturers wish.

Updates to Alexa

  • Celebrity voices are coming! If you want Sam Jackson to be your Alexa, you'll get Sam Jackson. (In family-friendly and NSFW modes, at that.)
  • Check that out now at
  • More are coming. They'll be 99 cents each.
  • A new multilingual mode is coming to Alexa. So she'll be able to respond in multiple languages without having to manually switch between them.
  • In the U.S., you'll have access to English and Spanish.
  • In Canada, it'll be French and English.
  • In India, it'll be Hindi and English.
  • Alexa Hunches is expanding to help you with your smart home tech, so it can predict what you need before you know you need it.
  • Smart lock battery low? It can order a new battery. Same for printer ink.
  • Or it can suggest a new routine. If you shut off your alarm and play a radio station, it'll suggest a routine for that, too.

Amazon Alexa for Kids

Amazon has gone a long way toward being more kid-friendly with its products, and we've got some new updates on that front as well in the form of Alexa Communications for Kids with the Echo Show.

Parents will have to turn it on, of course, and then whitelist contacts that the kids are allowed to talk to. And parents on both sides of the conversation will have to approve things.

Also, the Amazon Free Time subscription service is making the leap from Fire Tablets to the Echo Show, which means free games!

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