Every jet you can unlock in Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies

Ace Combat 7 has taken dogfighting games to a whole new level. With excellent combat, immersive weather effects, and a long list of fighter jets to fight with, Ace Combat 7 is shaping up to be a leader in its class.

There is a whole lot to do in the game including purchasing and upgrading an entire fleet of fighter jets. We are going to do our best to give you a rundown of all the planes available right now. You may find new planes as you play, but these are available for purchase on the games Aircraft Tree.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the Ace Combat Wiki for helping me with the images for this article. They are hard to find.

Flight List

F-4E Phantom II

Hopefully, you got a chance to pre-order Ace Combat 7. If you did, then you get to have this beautiful plane for free at the start of the campaign.

F-104 -av-

I'm not going to spoil the campaign for you, what there is of it but the F-104 -av- is the first plane you see in the game and although it looks pretty good, it doesn't have any weapons to actually play the game.

This plane can only be used in free-fly mode, not the campaign.


This is the fighter you start the game with. It's pretty standard, to be honest, nothing to write home about. So I'll stop writing about it.


The F14-D Tomcat is a pretty darn cool looking plane. Used as an aircraft carrier-launched game in Ace Combat 7 it has a high top speed and good air-to-air skills through its air-to-surface skills is a little low.


Known as "Viper Zero", the F-2A is an all-rounder fighter jet. It's not great at anything but is ok at most things while being a little quicker than most. It is also a slightly better air-to-ground jet than some.

Mirage 2000-S

The Mirage is an early buy in the game and as such is fairly low on all its stats. It's an improvement on the original plane but only incremental.


The MiG-29A is one of the first planes you can buy in the game and while it is quick and nimble it isn't very good at anything else like bombing runs or defending itself. You'll need to upgrade a lot to make it work well.


The A-10C is one of the best looking planes in the game. Nicknamed the "Thunderbolt" the A-10C is an Air-to-surface bomber of incredible power.

Of course, that means it is absolutely drawers at air-to-air but still, it does look cool.


The Su-33 is a fast jet fighter with much more mobility than others. You will need a fair amount of coin to pick one up but it might be worth it.


Known as the Foxhound, the MiG-31 is a long range fighter with excellent air-to-air combat skills. You can also upgrade its long-range armament to increase these abilities.


Not much is known about the Gripen, only that it is a lightweight fighter with "advanced avionics". Until we find out more all we can say is it's a fighter that costs a fair chunk of change.


The F-15J is a cut above the rest. Despite its low air-to-ground skills, it excels at almost all other tasks set for a jet fighter. When you can afford it, this is a plane worthy of your time.


Like the F-15J the C is a tremendous plane capable of great feats. Just don't try anything on the floor, it's not very good at it.


Despite the high cost, the F-15E is 680,000 credits, the F-15E is a fantastic plane. It's my personal favorite and once you upgrade it fully, it's a real force to be reckoned with.


The delta-winged Typhoon is a good fighter across the board. Nothing really stands out but nothing has a strong deficit either. It's a pretty beige jet really.

Rafale M

the Rafale is pretty much identical in all of its stats as the Typhoon above. The only difference is the shape of the plane, and I like this one more than the delta wing.


The SU-30M2 is a mystery to me, I haven't managed to see it in action. All we know right now is that its nickname is the "Flanker" maybe it likes Flank steak? Who knows?


The Su-34 is a powerfully armored but quick fighter. I'm a big fan of the look of this jet as well as its ability to take a hit. It's a tank in the air.


Named the "Terminator" the Su-37 has actual laser beams. It's a jet with fricking LASER BEAMS! You have to love that.


The "Flanker E" has an excellent Long-Range Air-to-Ship Missile upgrade that makes it a devil for the boats in the ocean. Plus it's camouflaged so no one can see it. Sort of.


The Su-47 Berkut is a really weird looking plane. The wings are the wrong way round! Ok, I know this is a video game, but still, come on.


We know next to nothing about this plane, we don't even have a picture. So, please, if you have any information let us know and we will update you.


The F-35C is one of the near end-game fighters and while it is slower than most jets, it's maneuverability is second to know. This is the jet if you like to play aerial acrobatics.


Known as the "Black Widow II" the YF-23 is one of the very best fighters in the game. It costs a pretty penny, but it is worth it, trust me.


The F-22A "raptor" is the final fighter you can buy in the game, it costs 920,000 credits, and it's stats are off the scale compared to any other fighter. This is the goal people.


This is such a good looking plane. I mean look at it! it's all stealthy and shiny. Oh, and it's great at everything but more importantly, it looks damn fine.

So there we are. Here is the full list of all the planes you can play in Ace Combat 7 and while most of the planes are pretty much the same, some, like the Black Widow II stand out as amazing fighter jets.

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