Even more Galaxy Z Flip leaks: Marketing promos show off its beauty

Galaxy Z Flip Marketing Materials
Galaxy Z Flip Marketing Materials (Image credit: @evleaks on Twitter)

What you need to know

  • An hour before Samsung officially reveals the phone, marketing materials for the Galaxy Z Flip have been leaked.
  • The confirm that the phone will be the first foldable to use a glass screen.
  • They also highlight 'Flex Mode' as an example of how Samsung hopes the new form factor will open up new possibilities for users.

The Galaxy Z Flip's special, Thom Browne-branded edition may be a looker, but as the newest leaks pertaining to the phone show, the fancy foldable's regular, purple model is the one to buy. Thanks to Evan Blass leaking the Galaxy Z Flip's marketing materials — he did the same for the Galaxy S20 series yesterday — we now have our best look at Samsung's new phone. At least for the next hour, when Samsung will take to the stage in San Francisco and take the curtain off entirely.

They not only show the phone from every angle but, more importantly, finally reveal the name of the purple shade I've been drooling over for days: Mirror Purple. There's also a Mirror Black version.

The image captions also confirm the phone will come with a glass screen, unlike every other foldable so far. That means it's likely to be far more durable than the likes of the Motorola RAZR, which broke down after just 27,000 folds in a durability test. The Galaxy Fold from last year, in comparison, held out for a colossal 120,000 cycles.

Lastly, we get a glimpse of the use cases Samsung is envisioning for the new form factor. One of the promos describes "Flex Mode," which lets you fold the Galaxy Z Flip at an angle and place the device on a flat surface. The idea here is to enable hands-free selfies or vlogging, with the top half displaying your camera output and the bottom half showing an assortment of controls for you to tinker with.

If you'd like to know more, tune in to Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event at 11 am PT later today to see Samsung's official launch of the phone.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji