Eurpoean HTC Hero 2.1 update rolling out

For all of you HTC Hero (European style) owners that have been holding on to your beloved device and hoping for the big 2.1 update, your time has come. Reports appear to be trickling around of an OTA update that brings 2.1 to the device, only downside is for right now it appears to be only on the Sim-free unlocked devices, not those that were subsidized through a carrier. Unfortunately no OTA link has surfaced yet for all those who wish to force the update to their device, but for those who are seeing it, remember to back up so you don't lose any data! [via Tracy and Matt]

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  • So this doesn't work for the TELUS HTC Hero? Even though I bought it without contract and then unlocked it?
    If that's not the case, and I can update, please tell me, and what are the steps I should go through, cause I am not seeing any OTA update now....
  • Hurray! My Hero is now on 2.1!!! Just in time to miss the release of and a chance at 2.2 - ah, well... Now that the GSM Hero got the update, I'm really interested how the OS version chart will look like the next time it's update over at Google. The share of 1.5 will definitely shrink.
  • Great... I literally just rooted my Hero. Installed Villainrom 10.3. Final GSM 2.1 with Sense and a few tasty extras. Overclock is amazing! 700+mhz Hero is a flyer!