Enter to win an Acer Iconia A510 or ASUS Transformer Prime prize pack from AC, NVIDIA, and Phosphor Games

What better way to kick off the launch of what's bound to be one of the years best games for Android? How about NVIDIA (opens in new tab), Phosphor Games, and AC getting together to give away a pair of Tegra 3 powered beasts! Dark Meadow: The Pact is a mind-blowing adventure and we're excited to help two of you guys or gals get a chance to find out for yourselves. The prizes --

  • An ASUS Transformer Prime plus the matching keyboard dock and a $25 AMEX gift card.
  • An Acer Iconia Tab A510 and a $25 AMEX gift card.

When the prizes are two of the hottest Android tablet available, you're probably thinking winning involves something difficult. You'd be wrong -- it's as simple as jumping into the contest forums and dropping a line letting everyone know that you'd love to have one of these beauties. We'll sort through them and pick a winner for each at random this Saturday (April 28) at 11:59 PM Eastern and announce the winners the next day right here on the blog.

Good luck!

Enter to win an ASUS Transformer Prime or Acer Iconia Tab A510

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Definitely interested in either one!
  • I would love to get my hands on ASUS Transformer Prime. Got one for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it as much as I do. Just need one for myself now.
  • Would love to win one of these bad boys!
  • Then be sure to hit the forums and enter :) (Big link at the end of the blog post)
  • Definitely interested. My dad has the original Transformer. Sweet tablet with the dock
  • I would love either one of these. I would love to have a 10 inch tablet to go with my 7 inch Acer A100!!
  • Thanks Jerry for pointing that out. You sure did state to go to the forum to enter...stupid me. :)
  • And this, this is why I love AC!
  • I joined the forums to enter for this swag!
  • Went to get a new tablet and the Asus had already sold out. Please count me in
  • Come to daddy !!
  • AC is awesome! Keep the contests coming. As long as there's a chance for me to win a Transformer, I won't be rushing out to buy one myself with the extra money that I "don't have".
  • I could definitely use one of these.
  • Need to play this game, but need you to give me a tablet to play it on!!
  • Would love to have either of these since my Acer Iconia Tab a500 was stolen! =/
  • Definitely Interested!!!
  • Me
  • Contest available for brazilians too?
  • Would love either of these bad boys!!!!!!
  • Yes, interested for sure ))
  • Love these contests - Thanks
  • I am interested! Give me that prime!
  • I am interested! I need a tablet!
  • I want one of these so badly it hurts!
  • Sign me up. I was probably going to buy a prime or 300 in the next few months!
  • I like either one :)
  • Would love to have one of these bad boys!
  • Pick me!
  • I m really interested in this, I haven't a a tablet :(
  • ASUS Transformer Prime -- best cross platform tablet/go to device (esp. with the keyboard), beats carrying a Chrome Laptop or a Windows laptop on the road (and sometimes even a phone)
  • Definitely the Transformer Prime + Keyboard! Keep up the good work guys/gals!!
  • Great offer. Count me in!
  • I'm pretty should you guys should just give this to me :)
  • Please give it to me
  • I am going to put my hat in the ring even though I am sure this is for US only, hey I'll pay the shipping charges.
  • AC you rock with these contests .. if love to own one of these
  • Ok I didn't see my post on here, send the prime this way =)
  • Interested, if i win any one i will be very happy
  • Would definitely be nice to win this one!
  • My precious! You will be mine! I promise!
  • My wife loves her Transformer Prime and keyboard dock I bought her and I'd love to have it, but I would love to have either of these thanks :)
  • Would love either one!!
  • And I was just saying this morning that I needed to upgrade to a tab with USB Host! You guys rock with all these giveaways! You'd rock even HARDER if you picked me...
  • When I wake up, yeah I know you're gonna be,
    You're gonna be the tablet who wakes up next to me
    When I go out yeah I know you're gonna be
    You're gonna be the tablet who goes along with me
    And If I get drunk, yes I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you
    And if I haver whatever that means
    I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you But I would walk 500 miles
    And I would walk 500 more
    Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles
    To use my new quad core Eye E eye e eye EYE E EYE E EYE, Eye E eye e eye EYE E EYE E EYE,
    Da da da dom deda dom deda dom deda dom de da...
  • awesome, you should just be the winner! but i prolly will be...
  • I would LOOOOOVE to get my little hands on the Transformer Prime! Thanks for the opportunity AC!
  • I would be thankful to win either one!!!! PICK ME PICK ME!!!
  • I would love to have one of these beauties!
  • Would be nice :-)
  • I need to upgrade to the TF Prime because I wanna play Dark Meadow!!!!!
  • I really need this!
  • I would love to have either tablet, preferably the transformer. I've been eyeballing it for awhile but I haven't the monies. This would be my first tablet.
  • Count me in. Thank you AC.
  • I would love the Asus Prime. Count me in!
  • I'm in!
  • I'm in it to win it!
  • I'm in!
  • Me,me,me!!!! :)
  • Ill take either or!!
  • I'm definitely interested!!! Who wouldn't be? :P
  • pick me pickme
  • I can always use another tablet!!
  • This is going to be my first tablet , THANK YOU AC :)
  • Give me those things! Politely.
  • That sounds awesome. I would love either one.
  • Sure I'm interested in one of this machine.
  • I AM INTERESTED!!!! please!!!
  • I AM INTERESTED!!!! please!!!
  • I'm very interested!!!!:)
  • Would love to have this! Thank you for this great giveaway.
  • I need it. Iwant it, must have it. :^)
  • I would gladly take either. Thanks for the chance
  • I am interested! I need a tablet!
  • Both are amazing devices! Ill take one please!
  • Oh yeah definitely interested, they both rock my socks
  • I would love to win any one of these. Thanks for considering me. : )
  • Android Fanatic! I just gotta win these Tablets! I will show all my co-workers that have ypads that Droid Rules!!!!!!
  • I have a disabled friend that would really benefit from either of these tablets. Please consider providing a special gift for a special friend.
  • do want
  • Been looking at tablets for some time, best way to try them out is to win one from AC!
  • I would love to have either of these
  • i would like please
  • I'll take both. The name can come up twice right?!
  • well, I hope this is open to UK, becuase i am very very interested in this. lots.
  • I'll gladly take one, when do i get it, lol, but yeah interested as well like everyone else.
  • I would also like a tablet. please and thank you
  • Well If you need to get rid of them i'll take one off your hands :-)
  • Wait, can we enter for two giveaways at once? I already entered for the Galaxy Nexus giveaway, but I'd enter this one too if I could. Anywhere I can get my fix of Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • I so want an Android tablet.
  • Pick me, my xoom is becoming too heavy for my frail geek arms.
  • I am very interested.....I never owned a tablet before.....No BS
  • The wife would love one! I would love to give her one as well! Count me in....
  • I've never owned a tab either
    It would be so cool to win one
    So give me a shot at it pls
  • Games and surfing the web. Reading few books on the nice screen on the transformer. If it could only be me.
  • This would be awesome! Either one!
  • Count me in, I would love to win.
  • Count me in. This would be great for teaching in my classroom.
  • vbnkkk
  • I'm all in. *cross fingers*
  • Hope I get picked!
  • Winning one would make my year! Hoping for a win!
  • I am really interested
  • AC Give me one
  • transformer prime you say:P count me in
  • Could definitely use one of these for work and play.
  • I'm interested. Would love to own one of them!
  • I would love either one of these, great giveaway, great site!!
  • i want it soooo bad=)
  • interesteeeeeed ^_______^
  • I want one..
  • I want this tab
  • I would love one of them I can never win
  • Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I have the transformer prime. it would go great with my GALAXY S2. :)
  • I would love one Please
  • This would be awesome to win! It would be perfect next to my Kindle Fire.
  • IF I won, I would have to try to grow the neckbeard and look like Jerry. Thanks for consideration.
  • Awesome! I need one.
  • I would love to win one of them! Saaaweeeet!!!
  • I would so love to have one of these! Thank you, thank you!
  • I would love to have the Asus Transformer Prime as my first Tablet. Thank you for your consideration Android Central !
  • All In
  • :p
  • I would love to win either tablet, especially the transformer prime.
  • OMG i work at an electronic store and would love to actually own what im selling.
  • Dream of having one everyday! Please let my dream comes true. Terima Kasih :-) :-) ;-)
  • YEAH! I'm in!! :D
  • I Want to WIN!!!
  • Im very interested in both tablets and the acer right next to the asus in the picture on top is not the acer Iconia tab a510
  • Everybody wants to win and so i. anyhow, every morning i read androidcentral in my bed as soon as wake up, and wife tune comes free (laablaablaab)
  • want to win as a basic human desire
    thank you!