CES 2016

So ... Vegas. I still sort of hear the opening monologue from "Apocalypse Now" every time I land here. But that's just bitter-old-editor-me talking. The rest of me is pretty stoked to spend another week on the road, playing with new toys.

CES 2016

By now you've already read our CES 2016 preview. The short, short version? There will be some Android stuff, but not the total onslaught of, say, Mobile World Congress next month. But there will be Android, and we shall cover it as only we can do.

So we've got most of the usual crew here, and we're doing things that one does when in town for CES. (Mostly that means attempting to acclimate the sinuses to desert life.) And as such, I'll just say thanks for tuning in this week — you can catch all our coverage at this link — or just click on that little badge we're embedding in all our CES stories.

And if you've got any burning questions, fire away. I'll answer in the comments and maybe get the other guys to join in, too.

Strap in. It's gonna be a fun week.