Nexus 5X and LG V10

We've reached that point of the year in which I have a serious problem I have absolutely no reason to complain about. Too many new phones. This past week I've been bouncing between the Nexus 5X and the LG V10.

The former, of course, is the baby brother of the new Nexus line. I'm still feeling it out, but I think I think the $379 price tag (here in the U.S. anyway) is just about right. The phone maybe isn't quite as "premium" (and I really do dislike that word) as I remember it feeling at Google's press event — initial takes are funny like that sometimes— but it's still really good for what it is.

The V10 — like I said in our preview — basically is a bigger, beefed-up LG G4, with some interesting new features. I'm a little surprised I'm not finding it to be too big. So choosing between it and the G4 is going to be interesting. It's not perfect by any means — I'm finding a few holes in those new features — but it's still pretty compelling. Look for more on that, and a full review, this week.

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And I've got an HTC One A9 coming on Monday. I'm really curious to try this one out. It's another SIM-free phone aimed squarely at the $400 sweet spot, and I love seeing so many non-carrier options these days. (LG and Samsung really need to get in there.)

So ... things are busy, and that's not even counting next Sunday's trek to China. There's so much great stuff coming from everyone in the next few days. I can't wait to read it.

A few other thoughts on things ...

  • I'm also very much excited for our Android History Project to continue. This isn't some Wikipedia-like reference piece. You're going to hear from a good many of the people who helped make things what they are today.
  • Work continues on the new version of our Android Central App. We've identified a few bugs that we should have some fixes for shortly.
  • Ordered your Pure Android shirt yet?
  • I'm still checking the USB-C plug to make sure I'm not putting it in the wrong way.
  • Where a reversible plug is really cool is in the car.
  • I'd rather lose like this than in overtime, for sure.
  • A Jags-Bills game streaming over Flash video is not the future.
  • Speaking of epic finishes, go watch the last 5 minutes of the morning session of Thursday's Benghazi hearing. We elected these people?
  • Wishing I could have been at the Big Android BBQ this year. Looked pretty epic. Jerry and Russell will have more coming out of there.
  • It was interesting to see how many commenters in my Moto E editorial thought the discussion should have been shifted to the other manufacturers. The point was that Motorola very much has built its new business on the promise of updates.
  • But that doesn't mean I don't think the other manufacturers have work to do. There most certainly is room for improvement there.
  • But I really do think it's going to take a radical shift from Google to make anything happen.

So much time, so little do to. (Wait, reverse that.) That's it for this week. See y'all Monday.