Phil Nickinson

In case you've been living under a rock the past week or so, CES -- the Consumer Electronics Show -- is this week in Las Vegas. And, yes. We're here. Or we're on our way here. You get the idea.

Android Central @ CES

It's easy to be overwhelmed by CES. The flashing lights. The noises. The jingling of coins from the slots. The gratuitous nudity. And that's just the airport.

So here's an easy primer:

  • This evening: Toshiba and NVIDIA are doing their things. You can probably figure out which is the bigger of the two. We'll be liveblogging, of course.
  • Monday: It's Media Day. That's the one where we really go nuts, with 1,700 sites in close quarters, all liveblogging the same thing at the same time. We'll be doing that, too.
  • Tuesday-Friday: CES actually opens at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

See? That's not that difficult. So how can you keep up with all the Android news at CES? Just keep it glued to It's that easy.

If you really want to get the behind-the-scenes scoop, though, you need to hop on your favorite social network thingy. Here's who's on the ground for us in Vegas:

And for all your non-Android news, we've got a host of folks from our other sites in town, too. Find them after the break, and get ready for some fun!

Other Mobile Nations folks and friends to follow at CES