EA's Origin platform coming to Android

EA's Origin gaming platform is headed to Android, the company has revealed at the Gamescom show in Germany. Origin, which currently runs on PCs, will also reportedly launch on Mac, Facebook and Smart TVs.

Origin joins main rival Steam on Android, and it's likely that the Origin mobile app will take a on a similar form, allowing users to browse games and access community features without actually allowing titles to be played directly on the device.

No timeframe was given for the release of Origin on Android or any other new platforms, but as EA hopes to gain market share from Steam wherever possible, it'll no doubt want to exploit these new platforms as much as possible

Source: The Verge

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  • I can't wait to not install it!
  • One significant difference is that Steam waited to make a mobile app for a couple of years until it was going to resonate with a relatively large group. Origin is not yet at the point of users where the mobile community functionality is critical to its growth. It may be expected from new users after a while, but it may also languish and wither.
  • I kind of think the only Origin users are using Origin because they are forced to not because they want to. At least I haven't seen anyone really happy with having to install it. I am sure a lot of people dislike Steam for various reasons as well but I see a lot of praise for Steam.
  • I know I only have Origin because a game I bought was only available there. I don't do box copies and EA is not allowing new games on Steam. I will say this though. Origin works a lot better than Desura. That thing never downloads my games unless the wind blows at the right angle and an asteroid narrowly misses the earth at 3:46am on Tuesday. Good concept, but they need better file delivery. PS - @Valve, please buy OnLive and integrate libraries. Then, start selling Android games.
  • i got origin for FIFA only...
    Wish steam had all my games
  • SMH.... What an incredible waste of bandwidth and space on my EVO LTE. I have Origin insalled simply for ME3 and they even let me down there with the initial rushed ending. After EA railed recently against the Steam discounting model this confirmed that my Origin library will remain a library of one. Yeah you know EA, the idea of giving pricing incentives to customers to buy your games, what a dumb concept huh? Keep shooting for being the Nordstroms of e-gaming, Target has a lot more customers.
  • "I want an EA app" said nobody, ever.
  • I despise EA for lots of reasons. The use of the name "Origin" for their new service is a slap in the face to us old-school gamers who know where they got the name from.
  • Origin helped make me hate Battlefield 3. It would probably make me hate my phone too. Current Origin software reminds me of Steam's early years. By poorly implementing a finger to Steam's now excellent platform, EA has successfully decreased the value of their software.
  • I just wish one of them would offer the ability to download game files to your phone on-the-go to transfer to your computer and install later. Instead of having to take my laptop to class to download from the faster school wifi, er I mean take notes, I could just use the faster school wifi to download on my phone, er I mean take notes on my phone.
  • Hi