Dungeon crawler VR game Demeo adds save feature and more in new update

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What you need to know

  • A new update for RPG dungeon crawler Demeo adds saving mid-campaign and the ability to load previous saves.
  • Players can store three multiplayer saves and three saves for the single-player skirmish mode.
  • The update also adds new cards, notifications, and fixes.

Demeo, a dungeon crawling RPG playable entirely in virtual reality on Oculus Quest 2 and other headsets, has finally added a save feature via the latest update.

The game originally launched last May with one campaign and added another, Realm of the Rat King, a month later. While each campaign was broken down into a series of separate dungeons, a complete playthrough could take at least an hour. Getting together four friends and playing non-stop, without breaks or someone needing to leave mid-campaign, could be a challenge.

Players can now save their progress mid-campaign and load it up anytime with the new update. Creating checkpoints works with both multiplayer and the single-player skirmish modes, and players can create up to three multiplayer checkpoints and three skirmish checkpoints.

The update also adds the new card Regroup that teleports all teammates to your position regardless of location on the map, new card/lamp Vortex Lamp that creates a vortex which drags all enemies towards the center and deals one damage, and other improvements listed in the full patch notes below.

  • Save game session feature added (checkpoints)
  • New card/lamp: Vortex Lamp
  • New card: Regroup
  • Added option to choose which adventure to play when using quickplay
  • Improved randomization of rooms in quickplay. This also makes it easier to find new rooms when encountering an inactive host
  • Reworked the line-of-sight to solve an issue where the magic wall didn't work as intended and fixed an issue where enemies were able to attack through walls, etc.
  • Added an in-game message when a player leaves, joins or gets kicked
  • General bug fixes

Even with save points, the game is fairly long. Luckily, the devs support seated play for your dungeon crawling. You can pair Demeo with some of the best seated VR accessories for Oculus Quest 2 to stay comfortable while playing.

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Up to four players can enjoy Dungeons & Dragons-styled tabletop gaming within virtual reality on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, and can now continue sessions anytime thanks to the new save feature.

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