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Dual-core processor in the Droid X2 caught on video

Without any official word from Motorola or Verizon, any mention of the Motorola Droid X2's specifications is a guess based on pieced-together information from various sources on the Internet, and leaks like the one we saw earlier this month.  Words like dual-core and Tegra 2 have been thrown around, and from the looks of this video of the DX2 booting up, we can be pretty sure of the dual-core part.  Since Motorola is using it on other products like the Xoom and Atrix 4G, we can hopefully assume the DX2 has some sweet Tegra 2 juice inside as well.

Check out the boot video after the break, folks.  Thanks, anonymous!

Note: We edited out the about screen because it could be a Canary Trap, but it's the same as the one seen here because it is the same one seen there. :p

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • That is going to be one beast of a machine. It's really a shame MOTO locks it down to the point that I just can't bring myself to purchase it. It does look promising for others that don't mind the lock down.
  • Woohoo!!! 2.2.2 Froyo!! Finally!!! ... seriously moto? my DX1 already has GB...
  • Sweet. Although I'm still interested in that other Moto phone, that looked like the true spiritual successor to the DX, at least in terms of aesthetics. But it was called the Moto Terga? Or targa? Or something like that. What happened to that phone?
  • Targa is supposed to come out around the holidays I think it is supposed to be stock android maybe the next nexus?
  • I'm still a skeptic of all these leaks---they're just a regular Droid X with Gingerbread or Froyo with a custom boot animation IMO. The proof is in the pudding, and we don't have that yet.
  • It looks exactly like the Original? I would argue that its the exact same shell with no FFC . . .I'm confused.
  • This really agitated me when it. First came out an X2 was in the works but once I saw the details it all went away. Its the same damn phone with I different CPU, and no camera hard button. Wth Moto that's a lazy decision. I'm really hoping the above mentioned Targa is actually the X2 seeing as how it looks like a sleeker, sexier X.
  • FYI I that is Gingerbread not froyo and this is a great alternative for those that don't want 4G.
  • Um I swear the video was longer when it was first posted. I remember him opening up the "about phone" tab and it saying 2.2 -- or am I imagining this?
  • You're not imagining, I saw it too and it said 2.2. The vid was over 1:00 originally.
  • I can modify my about screen to say I'm. running 3.0.2 but notification bar and app drawer are gingerbread just like what was released earlier.
  • Wow look at that Choppy/Laggy App Drawer. My DX on Gingerbread is alot smoother than that, even right after a bootup.
  • I wish i only had to press my power button for 1 sec for it to boot up. This video seems to be fishy. No 4G=no front facing camera. I'm sure this phone is just going to replace the orig DX.
  • It is not Gingerbread. It is FroYo, with the new Blur. The blue is a Blur thing, not Gingerbread.
  • I love my D1. We are looking at Gingerbread on the D1 now, so the D2 should be up to par with it shortly. Can someone explain to me in English how a Dual-Core processor is going to make me want to upgrade? Sounds like a part-time battery draining upgrade to me. Am I wrong?
  • Even with a dual core processor you're still getting the typical android lag. Sad.
  • Not typical Android lad, typical Motorola lag. Shame. No LTE. Verizon's 3g slow speeds are what really blow. No their LTE is awesome. Really shows off the speed of these phones. Too bad no love there for DX2.
  • Not typical Android lad, typical Motorola lag. Shame. No LTE. Verizon's 3g slow speeds are what really blow. Now their LTE is awesome. Really shows off the speed of these phones. Too bad no love there for DX2.
  • Sorry but my HTC Nexus One, HTC Mytouch Slide, and Samsung Vibrant all had the same exact lag. Its a shame because these phones should be top notch. Android still has a couple more years before they really are top of the line smartphones.
  • I wonder why the end of the video was clipped then re-uploaded. Weird.
  • Will the X2 adress the audio/video sync problem that the X (and other Androids) have? Still looking for a fix on that.